How to optimize product pages on mobile devices to sell more

Optimizing product cards on mobile to improve the user’s shopping experience in your eCommerce requires paying attention to a series of crucial points that will make the difference between success or failure. In this article, we follow Google’s guidelines to propose a list of improvements that will undoubtedly help you to improve your product pages.

6 ways to lower your CPC by optimizing your landing page

If you want a low cost Google Adwords campaign with which you can achieve a high number of conversions at the same time, you have to do a lot of things right: You have to have a well structured campaign with the right number of keywords. You need to create “magnetic” ads and increase CTR. Also…

How to improve the conversion of your website using Hotjar

There are a multitude of tools that can help us analyze user behavior on our website. They can collect data, movements or recordings that provide us with valuable information about what is working or not working. However, we must bear in mind that the larger the sample, the more reliable the data collected will be. […]

Optimization of a Google Ads landing page

In Google Ads the landing page is the first step to achieve a conversion, so it is necessary to pay the utmost importance if we want a user to register in our form, make a purchase or even call us on the phone. To do this we must take into account a number of factors […]