Why "Human Level"?

A digital marketing agency obsessed with communication on a human level

About us

Our history

Discover our origins.

  1. 2001 – The space odyssey begins

    After ten years of experience in marketing and communication, Fernando Maciá launched Human Level Communications at the end of 2001: a Web positioning and development company in response to the growing importance of the Internet as a marketing tool.
  2. 2005 – First big steps

    In 2005, we won our first major contracts with Segittur, Microsoft and CANTV, which led to the rapid growth of our team and we became a limited liability company. In 2006, we published our first book, Search Engine Optimization, and a year later we acquired our current facilities in Alicante.
  3. 2010 – From Alicante to all Spain

    Human Level starts to be recognized as one of the most experienced consultants in media SEO, large website migrations and the deployment of international versions. Our team of consultants is growing progressively. We ended this decade with hundreds of satisfied clients, eleven books published and successfully adapting to the pandemic by converting to remote work.
  4. News – Growing day by day

    Our team is made up of some thirty expert consultants in positioning, online advertising, content and user experience who work together from different areas around Spain. Our clients include companies and institutions such as Banco Santander, Iberia, PRISA, Repsol, Seguros Reale, Atida Pharma, Público, CCMA…

Human Level’s culture

Our values


We explain the reasoning behind our decisions and are honest with our recommendations. We will only propose actions if we think they can help your business.

Approachability and empathy

We like to feel part of your team and have a close relationship with our contact persons. Your assigned consultant will be available for any questions you may have and we will adapt to your preferred communication channels.

Innovation and adaptability

Don’t be afraid to give us new challenges: we love them! Faced with an unknown situation, we document and analyze the best strategy to follow in each case, offering innovative solutions.


We do not work for certain sectors: escorts, online gambling, porn sites, tobacco/vape shops and tarot. We also do not work as a white label for other companies, we want the client to always know who is taking care of their project.

At Human Level we are committed to our Quality Policy.