WPO: optimize the loading speed of your website

Respond in time to search engines and users

Position and convert at full speed

WPO is important in a website whose objective is to obtain SEO traffic. Search engines not only consider the quality of content, but also the speed it reaches users. A fast website is also more attractive to users, who will be eager to repeat the experience of browsing a truly agile site.

Why perform a WPO audit?

Make your website faster

  • Get more visitors
  • Improve your users’ experience
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Save server resources

What is a WPO audit?

What our service includes

WPO Audit

We carry out an exhaustive analysis of the code and all the diagnostics obtained from tools and browsers to evaluate the speed of your website, detecting WPO problems and opportunities for improvement.

Coordination meeting

Our experts, with years of experience in WPO and development, meet with your technical team to resolve doubts, study the feasibility of proposed actions, propose alternatives, when necessary, and prioritize actions.

Implementation review

After the implementation of the proposed actions, we review whether they have been applied correctly or whether they need to be fine-tuned.

Impact analysis

Finally, the impact on metrics related to speed for search engine robots and agility in user navigation is assessed.

Some of the technologies we have worked with

React JS

Our process

How we help you improve your WPO

Our expert WPO consultants are always available to offer you clear, specific and applicable technical solutions.

  1. Initial briefing

    We study the technological platform to understand the scenario with its technical advantages and limitations.
  2. Audit

    We analyze all the aspects involved in the speed and performance metrics that search engines take into account to position your website.
  3. Prioritization

    We present your technical team with the optimization actions sorted by impact and assess their difficulty and risk.
  4. Implementation and support

    We adapt our recommendations to each technological platform, support your doubts and supervise their correct interpretation and implementation.
  5. Impact

    We monitor the improvements implemented on the speed of your website and the metrics managed by search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Who performs the WPO audit?

All our WPO audits and necessary checks are done by technical consultants with many years of experience in web programming, who in most cases know the feasibility of the proposed actions on the analyzed technological platform.

Although it is preferable that the implementation is carried out by the development team that is familiar with the website and normally carries out the maintenance, if the situation requires it and it is in our hands, we could also manage the implementation, but this would require additional hours.

It all depends on the website’s margin for improvement, so it is not possible to specify exactly. In any case, we can assure you that you always get an increase in traffic, conversions and/or leads that will last over time, so in the long term, the investment will always pay off.

Depending on whether the change has a large or small impact, after implementation, the improvement may take between one day and 28 days at most to have an impact on positioning, while the impact on user experience is always immediate.