Content optimization and updating

Your content optimized for search engines and adjusted to your reality.

Authenticity, credibility, authority, positioning

Content that is not optimized and outdated does not position, misinforms your customers and detracts from your brand authority. Showing updated content adds credibility and confidence in your product and service offerings, in addition to increasing your chances of conversion. Writing for positioning improves your visibility and helps those who need you to find you.

Why do I need to optimize and update?

Accurate and relevant information in real time

  • Increase your visibility
  • Position for suitable keywords
  • Enhance your authority and credibility
  • Improve conversions

What is a comprehensive SEO audit?

What our service includes

Creation of working documents

Based on our own work methodology, we generate an internal editorial calendar, deliverable documents in a collaborative format, etc.

Content audit

We analyze the content already created and detect the weak points to work on to boost your visibility, conversion and authority.

Calendar with priority improvements

We set a ranking of priorities to apply the actions detected in the audit, and implement them over time depending on your resources.

Research, documentation and verification

Our team of editors uses its own documentation techniques and verifies the credibility of the information sources consulted.

Optimized writing and adaptation

We offer you an optimized copywriting and content adaptation service backed by the experience of highly-qualified professionals.

Editorial review and delivery

We deliver what we offer you: optimized and quality content.

Why Human Level?

This is what it’s like to work with us

Personalized proposals

We analyze your content and design proposals with solutions to your problems and specific improvements.

Projects focused on objectives

Our proposal for actions is designed so your content achieves your objectives.

Tailor-made communication channels

We are in constant contact with you to discuss and assess your technical resources, needs and preferences.

Transparency and communication

Personalized, clear, precise and constant communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the effects of updating content?

Updated content has a positive impact on key aspects such as the authority and credibility of the brand, the veracity of the information, visibility and conversion. They are contemplated by Google as part of its commitment to EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) and mark what should provide the user.

The answer is whenever you detect that a piece of content is outdated or the change is a sufficient improvement to the user’s search experience. This applies if one of its sources is not up to date, if user needs or problems have changed and new solutions must be proposed, or if the content can be enriched with new sources and relevant information.

It means that we do not offer a simple update at an informative level, but we provide SEO copywriting adjusted to the user’s search intent for that topic. We propose an optimization focused on positioning that content in search engines so that users can find it. This results in higher visibility and improves the final conversion rates.

Above all, content optimization must be well thought out and supported by a responsible strategy. A massive adaptation of content with insignificant changes without providing value to the user but with updated dates is not something that Google values positively. Each optimization must involve enriching the text enough for the user to gain an advantage.