SEO positioning for e-commerce

Your online store, the first thing your customers will see.

More visibility, more sales

You want more customers for your business. And with SEO positioning we can attract new visitors who need, at this moment, just what you offer. We select what they would look for and optimize your website to make it their best option.

Why invest in positioning?

The most effective way to attract interested buyers

  • More visits and better conversion
  • Visible for those who are already sure and for those who are undecided
  • Position your store as a reference supplier
  • Grow your business with new customers

What is SEO positioning for e-commerce?

What our service includes

Keyword research

We check how users search for your products, as well as other related searches when deciding on a purchase.

Technical SEO audit

We review and optimize all the important aspects of your website’s positioning: easy to crawl, good internal linking, fast downloading and prioritizing best-selling products.

Architectural analysis

We align your family pages and product listings with the most popular search patterns, identifying the features preferred by users when searching.

Relevance audit

We optimize each template of your website to improve its relevance by incorporating descriptions, metadata, structured data and related content to help it rank better and sell more.


In the benchmarking study we analyze the main indicators of your direct competitors and recommend the best strategies to outperform them.

Positioning strategy

We prioritize which technical, architectural and content actions to execute, assessing the positive impact they will have on your online store and their implementation cost.

Some of the platforms we work with


Our process

This is what it’s like to work with us

We will work together with you and provide fluid, transparent and close communication.

  1. Initial Briefing

    Knowing your company or project, its competitive environment and your objectives is key to planning an efficient improvement strategy.
  2. Audit

    We perform a 360º analysis of your website to identify opportunities for improvement and what prevents your project from growing.
  3. Prioritization

    We prioritize the execution of tasks by giving priority to those that, at minimum cost, can have the greatest impact.
  4. Implementation and support

    We accompany you in the correct implementation of the recommendations, providing the support you need.
  5. Impact

    We measure the impact that each implemented improvement has on your website’s visibility and business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Do not hesitate to contact us.

What is SEO for e-commerce?

SEO for e-commerce consists of applying various techniques of analysis, site improvement, and measurement of the evolution of indicators to an e-commerce, to attract a greater amount of organic traffic interested in the products offered.

You will improve your visibility in search engine results, receive more visits from potential customers and increase your sales.

The optimization of online stores focuses on attracting quality traffic, that is, visitors really interested in the products offered on the website. It identifies the most demanded products and product families as well as the most frequent doubts and objections raised by users in order to structure products and create content that really fits their needs.

Of course. Although many product searches are directed to Amazon and other marketplaces, users often have questions to answer and prefer to choose the one that best suits their needs from a variety of options. That is why it is important to position well in search engines.