Google Analytics Audit and Implementation

Measure your website and keep track of your business online

The solution to measure your digital channel

Defining and implementing a measurement plan for your website is essential to collect the most relevant information for your digital business. At Human Level, we work hand in hand with you to understand your website, its sections and the most important elements as well as the target audience to correctly measure and provide the information you need for monitoring and making business decisions.

Why implement Google Analytics?

Measure what happens on your website

  • Know your users and how they behave
  • Measure the effectiveness of your digital channels
  • Identify relevant audiences and use them in your strategy
  • Analyze conversion flows

What is involved in the implementation of Google Analytics?

What our service includes

Knowing the digital environment

We have an insight to the web to know your sections, target audience and structure and to understand the most valuable points for the business.

Setup and configuration of the Google Analytics property

We review the Google Analytics account and install the tracking code. We configure the property taking into account the particularities of the website. If the property already exists, we review the data collection and implement the necessary improvements.

Measurement strategy

We define a measurement plan with the events to implement.

Technical implementation of events and conversions

Using the Google Tag Manager, we implement the tags and triggers necessary to measure the defined events and conversions.

Review and verification of data collection

We ensure that events are recorded correctly to verify the setup.

Data visualization

We create custom dashboards and reports in Looker Studio tailored to each business and area so you can keep track of your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What tools do we work with?

We perform web analytics installations with Google tools: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Looker Studio.

We perform installations and implementation in different types of websites: lead generation, e-commerce, media… Once we know the website and the CMS, we will analyze the optimal solution in each case.

The time spent on the implementation depends on many factors: type of CMS, number of domains, languages, measurement needs… It may vary depending on whether it is a more basic or more advanced configuration.

We will perform a pre-audit of the properties, their setup and configuration and establish the necessary recommendations and improvements. If you only have one Universal Analytics property, we recommend migrating to GA4.