SEO audit in development

Start indexing and ranking your website as soon as it is published.

Your website ready to index and rank from day one

We guide you in the development of your website to maximize its indexing and positioning possibilities. We achieve this by checking whether the technology used is suitable for search engines to discover and index it, and by working on the architecture and optimizing the content. To achieve good results in organic traffic in the medium or long term, you must start working from the beginning.

Why perform an SEO audit in development?

Your search engine friendly website from the very first minute

  • Quick website discovery
  • Start indexing your website right away
  • Get your first SEO visits sooner
  • Your website, ready for DSA campaigns

What is a comprehensive SEO audit?

What our service includes

Technical SEO audit

We check if search engines will be able to find and index your site. We support programmers to build a fast and search engine friendly website.

Positioning objectives

We identify how customers search for your products or services and their search intent to define the content and functionalities they expect to find.

Architectural analysis

We analyze the initial architecture of your website, detecting opportunities for improvement based on the established positioning objectives and favoring the crawling and indexing of the main contents.

Relevance audit

We review each template of your website so search engines can easily identify your positioning objective, while responding to the user’s search intent.

Some of the platforms we work with

Our process

This is what it’s like to work with us

We offer you precise and contrasted technical answers. And if implementation is not possible, we propose realistic alternatives.

  1. Initial briefing

    We gather all the information about the objectives of your future website, its competitive environment and the technological platform used.
  2. Audit

    We analyze and define all the aspects that will influence the positioning of your website, giving specific recommendations to implement.
  3. Pre-publication review

    Before publishing your website, we check that everything is ready to be indexed correctly and start ranking right away.
  4. Post-publication review

    After publication, we review the website again to ensure that it is indexed correctly and is running at the expected speed in its final environment.
  5. Follow-up

    We accompany you during the first days checking that the indexing and positioning of the content behaves as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Who implements technical improvements?

At Human Level, we have technical profiles to take care of the implementation, but we generally recommend that the client’s own technical team manage it, as they are more familiar with the platform and this will make its implementation more effective.

Regardless of whether the changes are made by the client or by our technical team, we cannot estimate the number of hours until we have analyzed the website and have the list of tasks to be implemented.

Although sometimes problems are detected that inevitably lengthen the deadlines, we participate in each phase of the development and always try to prevent our analysis from delaying the total project time with early detection of technical problems that may affect the positioning of the website after publishing it.

You have to take into account the functionalities you need to implement, the ease of use for the website administrators and the level of knowledge of your technological infrastructure for the technical team. At Human Level, we have experience optimizing CMS of all kinds, so you can show us with your options and we will help you make the right decision.