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What is it like to work at Human Level?

Trabajo remoto

Remote but connected

Every day before we get to work, we meet via video call to resolve questions, report problems or recommend a Netflix series.
Encuentro bianual

Periodic meetings

Four times a year we organize a face-to-face meeting where we celebrate having a great team in style.
Siempre aprendiendo

Always learning

We want to help you evolve and progress in your career. At our company you will receive in-house training and access to learning resources.
Trabajo en equipo


We will not leave you alone in the face of danger. If you need support in any aspect or want more opinions about something you are worried about, we will be there to help you.
Te escuchamos

We listen to you

We want to make Human Level a better place to work every day. To this end, we conduct surveys and 1:1 interviews with our employees where they can provide us with their suggestions and concerns.
Tu tiempo para ti

Your time, for you

You will have three free afternoons a week, you will only have to be available two afternoons until 18:30h. In summer, we have an intensive workday and leave every day at 3:00 pm.

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