Comprehensive content marketing strategy

Your content strategically planned and chosen to deliver ROI.

Analyze, propose, plan

These steps are the prelude to creating quality pieces with return-on-investment. To achieve this, it is necessary to know what problems users face to offer them personalized solutions according to each stage of their buying or decision-making process. Because creating content is not only about writing, but also about thinking about the end user and the distinctive value compared to the competition.

Why invest in a content strategy?

The starting point for creating profitable content

  • Boost your brand authority
  • Increase the credibility of your website
  • Design an effective editorial calendar
  • Create content that converts

What is a comprehensive content strategy?

What our service includes

Customer content audit

We evaluate the suitability of the types of content already created and detect areas for improvement in terms of positioning-focused writing.

Buyer persona analysis

We analyze the potential customers to be reached with the content, detect their issues and anticipate their needs.

Competitive analysis

We study the content published by the competition and identify points of improvement and opportunities for better positioning in search engines.

Integral adaptation to SEO strategy

We use our SEO expertise to write optimized content focused on visibility and conversion goals .

Content strategy

We design a content strategy based on all the analyzed points and adapt it to the client’s deadlines and possibilities.

Editorial plan

We convey our ideas into an editorial calendar where results are optimized according to content type and frequency.

Our process

This is what it’s like to work with us

We offer you a transparent service with fluid communication and through the communication channels you prefer. You will always know where you are in the process.

  1. Initial Briefing

    We study the global scenario and that of the competition to narrow down the ideal objectives.
  2. Timeline and action plan

    We propose a specific work schedule with the actions to be carried out and the execution deadlines.
  3. Submission of proposals

    We provide the thematic suggestions and the type of content that corresponds to each proposal.
  4. Review and acceptance of changes

    We submit all our proposals for review and approval by the client and value their suggestions for changes.
  5. Impact

    We track the impact of each improvement on the visibility and business objectives of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does a content strategy provide?

In a content strategy, you have an experienced professional who proposes themes and types of content adapted to each stage of the buying process of your customers to meet visibility, loyalty and conversion objectives. It also audits and optimizes the content already published by your brand, measures the actions carried out and updates the strategy according to the results.

As an integrated marketing agency, the proven experience of our copywriters is complemented by that of our SEO consultants. The work and methodologies shared by both departments result in an optimized content strategy focused on positioning, visibility and conversion.

Strategic content is based on pieces of different formats that can be related to each other. In this way, they can function individually or as part of an overall plan and respond to, or even anticipate, users’ questions, needs or problems, without ever losing sight of the brand’s mission, values and objectives.

Having a work schedule has three main advantages. The first is to list the tasks to be carried out, the second is to specify who is responsible for carrying out each of them and the third is to establish the deadlines for completion so as not to suffer breaks or delays in the process.