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Just as when we meet someone for the first time, when we enter a website we form our first impression based on different factors. Is it a secure site? Do I have all the information I need about the product? Do I know what I have to do to buy it? If your user is full of doubts when browsing your website, the most likely thing is that they will abandon it without carrying out any transaction. To avoid this, we will propose improvements that will transform your website into the best guide for your visitors, gaining their trust and taking them by the hand through the conversion funnel.

Why invest in UX/UI?

To optimize the experience and make it memorable

  • Optimize usability and conversion
  • Solve your visitors’ doubts
  • Facilitate your core processes
  • Convey confidence to your users

What does a UX/UI service consist of?

What our service includes

User analysis

We apply user research techniques such as user journey analysis, user profiles or empathy maps to better understand their motivations and frustrations.


We analyze the competitive environment to identify your main competitors, study their strategies and design your action plan.

Audit of the current website

We analyze website templates and core processes to identify navigability and/or usability issues, as well as conversion improvement opportunities.

Proposal for improvements and prioritization

We compile all recommendations and prioritize them according to their relevance to the website and the effort required to implement them.

UI Prototyping

If the recommendations involve a significant change to any section or the entire website, we design detailed and documented prototypes for the developers.

Implementation monitoring and measurement

We accompany your development team during the implementation of the proposals and measure the effect they have on the website in order to make new decisions.

Why Human Level?

This is what it’s like to work with us


We meet with the main stakeholders of your company to learn about your value proposition, define the main objectives of the project and align the different departments that will be involved in the process.


We will rely on the perspective of your business and/or sales departments for user profiles and user journeys, as they are the ones who best understand customer questions and objections. Together we will describe your current experience.

Design and development

We will work in tandem with your developer or team of developers to facilitate their work whenever possible, documenting our designs and providing all necessary specifications.

SEO approved UX

Our recommendations will always be aligned with SEO objectives as we benefit from Human Level’s unique synergies: our fellow SEO experts constantly train and support us in their discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Do not hesitate to contact us.

When do I need a UX audit?

Performing an analysis of the user experience of your website can be convenient in different cases. For example, if you have noticed that the web traffic you receive is high, but the conversion rate is very low. In this case, there may be usability issues that are not allowing your users to make transactions, or they do not fully understand what your product is all about.

Yes, having a UX perspective in the pre-production phase can be very beneficial to ensure that your website is optimized to provide the best possible experience and avoid future development costs by having to correct errors.

In general, the technical implementation of the proposals will be carried out by your development teams. However, we like to work closely with you so that, should any questions arise, we are always available to answer them.

The term UX, User Experience, encompasses all of a user’s interactions with your website or even your entire brand. UI, on the other hand, refers to User Interface, that is, the design of the interface that a person has to use to interact with your brand in the online environment. UX analysis puts itself in the users’ shoes and proposes actions to improve their experience, while UI design is the way that these proposals are transferred to the interface in the form of visual elements, animations, etc. UI design is usually thought of as a part of UX.