SEO audit for web migrations

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We accompany you during the migration of your website

Website migration is a delicate process for search engines, as they recalculate the complete positioning of the website and visibility may be compromised if the change is not correctly indicated. After years of advising on migrations we know the necessary procedures to reduce the loss of SEO traffic.

Why monitor SEO in a migration?

Minimize SEO traffic loss after migration

  • Your website evolves as your company evolves
  • We avoid loss of traffic
  • Freedom to apply improvements to your website
  • Possible increase in traffic

What is an SEO audit for web migrations?

What our service includes

Pre-migration SEO indicators

We analyze the positioning beforehand to subsequently evaluate the impact of the migration.

Migration recommendations

We study your website in detail to minimize the impact of the migration.


We coordinate the work of all parties involved so that each task is carried out as planned.

Supervision of execution

We audit the migration and monitor all indicators to apply corrections if necessary.

Rescuing popularity

We identify the most popular links and establish protocols to avoid losing their authority.

Post-migration SEO indicators

We evaluate the impact of the migration and identify opportunities for improvement, if needed.

Some of the platforms we work with


Our process

This is what it’s like to work with us

We always accompany you and explain our decisions. Continuous communication, approachability and transparency are in our DNA. The perfect foundation to build your visibility

  1. Initial briefing

    We analyze the web change process and participate in it to maintain agility and minimize traffic loss.
  2. Follow-up

    We establish KPIs to monitor and evaluate the migration and later analyze the impact on organic positioning.
  3. Audit

    We review the changes to be made to your website and give onpage and offpage recommendations to minimize traffic loss.
  4. Prioritization and follow-up

    We select which improvements should be implemented before the migration and which can wait and monitor them before and after the release.
  5. Impact of migration

    After a reasonable time we analyze the impact of the migration on SEO traffic and identify possible opportunities for improvement.

“We had heard about Human Level and their experience in SEO and decided to work with them on the migration of our online store. A complex project, but the results were so good that now we collaborate with them in 7 web projects, also including content writing. The treatment they give us, together with the quality of their work, make them the best.”
Guillermo Riezu,
Digital Growth Manager at Lefebvre

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the SEO risk of changing URLs?

If a page changes its URL the next time a search engine visits it, it will find an error. If this situation is repeated, the search engine will recognize that the page no longer exists, remove it from its index and the website will lose visibility. In turn, the new URL will have to be re-indexed and re-positioned. Failure to optimize this transition will result in a drastic drop in SEO traffic.

The normalization period of SEO traffic will depend on how much the website changes and, if problems are detected, that can be solved quickly. If a URL change is not properly planned and executed, the loss can be up to 90% and take 6 to 18 months to recover SEO traffic. With a properly applied SEO migration we can reduce the time to a few weeks.

When we can only apply a limited number of 301 redirects, we prioritize the migration of the website’s most important URLs. This ensures that the migration is as effective as possible.

During our auditing phase we not only recommend 301 redirects, we also check that the website is still search engine friendly in terms of technical and content quality characteristics. During this phase, you can take advantage of the opportunity to additionally apply a comprehensive SEO audit so that the new website will rank even better after the migration.