International SEO audit and strategy

Achieve maximum visibility for your digital assets.

The best strategy for global visibility

The Internet is the most effective way to present your offer to customers all over the world. However, it is not enough to just translate your web content, we also need to design a strategy, adapt the contents to each audience and deploy the different versions according to the technical requirements imposed by search engines. At Human Level, we are experts in international SEO, and we support you in the design of your internationalization strategy, content localization and technical deployment.

Why perform an international SEO audit?

The world, within reach of your company

  • Position in multiple languages and countries
  • Expand your market
  • Find business opportunities
  • Make your offer more attractive

Why perform an international SEO audit?

What our service includes

Keyword research

We identify the most interesting searches for your company in each country and language, adapting to the local language and culture.

Content localization

It is not just a translation, but an adaptation of your value proposition to the language, idiosyncrasies, motivations and search patterns of the local customer.

Deployment of versions

We plan the most appropriate internationalization strategy. Language versions, country versions? On the same domain or on several domains? We evaluate all the options and select the most suitable for your business.

International positioning

We design a positioning plan for each country, considering local buying habits, potential competitors and your business objectives.

Some of the platforms we work with


Our process

This is what it’s like to work with us

We always accompany you and explain our decisions. Continuous communication, approachability and transparency are in our DNA. The perfect foundation to build your visibility

  1. Initial Briefing

    We study the competitive scenario in each country, your business objectives and technological platform to outline an optimal strategy.
  2. Audit

    We design the structure of your website for optimal international visibility and plan how we will implement it.
  3. Implementation and support

    We assist in the creation, adaptation or migration of content to deploy the different international versions.
  4. Measurement

    We monitor the indexing of each new version and its impact on local visibility in each target country.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an international SEO audit?

An SEO audit for the internationalization of websites studies all the factors that impact the natural positioning of a website in the most popular search engines used in each country.

The goal of an international SEO audit is to be able to make the best decisions regarding the deployment of website versions targeted to customers who speak a particular language or live in a particular country.

We will participate in the preparatory meetings of the internationalization process of your website. We will submit reports with the best options, from a search engine point of view, in terms of architecture, servers, content translation and localization, page structure, URL syntax, content management system configuration, choice of programming languages, etc.