SEO audit: analysis and results

How search engines see your website

Analyze, implement and improve

A page in the top positions is only the result of a process that begins with a visit from a robot. At Human Level we are experts in analyzing the indexability of your website so that Google and other search engines can crawl it and position it better than those of your competitors.

Why perform an SEO audit?

The perfect foundation on which to build your visibility

  • Increase your web traffic
  • Position for relevant keywords
  • Defend your brand in the online environment
  • Improve your users’ experience

How do we do it?

Scenario-specific SEO analysis

Your website, optimized for search engines and perfect for your users. More visibility and conversion.
We get involved from the beginning and collaborate with designers and programmers so that your new website is better positioned in less time.
Because your customers can be anywhere in the world. We analyze all the cultural, technical and strategic factors to make your website succeed wherever you want it to.
Trust our experts in search engine friendly web migrations so the evolution of your website is always one step ahead.
Respond in time to search engines and users by optimizing your download speed.

“With the help of Human Level, Madrid City Council has managed to position the citizen participation portal, Decide Madrid, with a high level of visibility, which is essential to expand our audience and increase citizen participation. We are very satisfied with the results and have full confidence in Human Level’s professionalism.”
Cristina López Ferrando,
Deputy Director General for Citizen Participation and Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between SEO and SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a punctual analysis to identify the most effective way to solve something: solve indexability problems, solve a penalty, deploy new international versions… It applies an analysis procedure that allows us to make the best decisions in each case. On the contrary, SEO positioning consists of a work of continuous and integral improvement of the website. SEO positioning usually starts with an audit but, unlike this one, it is prolonged over time to ensure the visibility of the website in the results in the face of Google algorithm updates or competitor actions.

It will depend on what your website needs. Whether it is the development of a new website or a migration, we will coordinate our work with that of the other teams involved (design, development, systems, content…), so there is no predefined duration. In the usual scenario of a comprehensive SEO audit, the timeframe is usually between four and six weeks, although we present deliverables at the end of each phase. This allows the implementation of improvements to begin much earlier.

Your website’s scenario and objectives will determine which type of SEO audit is most appropriate. The most common are related to poor performance, website development or redesign, migrations, penalty resolution or deployment of international versions. In each case, an audit is the best way to make data-driven decisions.

Our audits are usually composed of different phases of analysis. We will send you the result of our analysis and we will meet with you and the managers of other teams involved to explain each point, evaluate the different alternatives, provide support during the implementation phase, supervise its correct execution and measure the expected impact.