Reporting and data visualization

Concentrate your most relevant data in visual dashboards

Visual and representative information of your digital channel

If the definition of KPIs and the measurement plan are critical, we cannot ignore the presentation of this data in dashboards that gather in a simplified and visual way the most relevant information for the company and its digital channels. At Human Level, we create customized reports with the most relevant KPIs with graphs and tables to facilitate their visualization and monitoring.

Why invest in data visualization?

The most visual way to represent the most valuable information

  • Data presented in a visual, clear and concise manner
  • Easy access to the most valuable information
  • Reports tailored to KPIs and different digital channels
  • Compare historically or by specific segments or time periods

What is data visualization?

What our service includes

Analyze online channels

Knowing the digital environment and the strategies across channels is the first step to detect the most relevant data and KPIs for your business.

Check data sources

We analyze and check the available data sources to link Looker Studio and provide the most representative information.

Dashboard creation and customization

We create the necessary and customized graphs, tables and indicators based on the needs and particularities of each company.

Tracking and extraction of insights

We optimize reports, create new ones and detect relevant information for decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What tool do we work with?

We use Looker Studio, Google’s data visualization tool, to display the data in a dashboard.

We connect the reports with Google environment tools: Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, as well as other external tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs for further information.