Web analytics: measure your website and take decisions

Analyze the effectiveness of your website and grow your business.

Measure, analyze and make decisions

Web analytics is the key you need to measure the effectiveness of your digital strategy and detect improvements. At Human Level we help you measure and analyze everything that happens on your website, auditing your properties and implementing the necessary events to obtain valuable information for your business. But not only that, we help you detect your main business KPIs and keep track of them to take decisions that make your business grow. Digital analytics is essential to understand your business and support your online marketing actions.

Why invest in Web Analytics?

The fundamental pillar for obtaining valuable information about your website

  • Measure the effectiveness of your traffic channels
  • Understand what is happening in your online business
  • Define and control your main objectives
  • Identify relevant audiences for your business

How do we do it?

Implementations adapted to your business

We perform the migration from Universal to GA4 with the necessary configuration and implementation.
We audit your properties and setup web analytics adapted to the needs of your website.
We create dashboards adapted to your main KPIs so that you can keep control and support your decision making.

Some of the platforms we work with

Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Looker Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does digital analytics start?

First of all, you need to check if you have a Google Analytics account created and audit and configure the properties. After this, a measurement strategy and the technical implementation necessary to measure the different elements of the web will be defined.

Without web analytics, you cannot know what is happening with your digital business and if the strategies you are implementing on the different channels are effective and profitable. Nor will you be able to establish improvements to your website or make decisions based on relevant data.

Information about web traffic from different digital channels, information about users and their behavior on the web, sessions and most viewed pages, ecommerce events and other custom events you want to measure.