SEM and PPC: search engine advertising

Advertise on Google or Bing Ads and make your business grow.

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We show your product or service to the people who are looking for it, we get ahead of your competition and we work to make your advertising investment grow your business.

Why invest in SEM?

Invest in the most profitable form of advertising

  • Increase visits from interested customers
  • Position yourself ahead of the competition
  • Prevent others from positioning for your brand
  • Increase your turnover

How do we do it?

Search engine advertising solutions

We find your target, show them what they are looking for and work day by day eliminating what doesn’t work in favor of what does, taking all the investment to what really makes your business grow.
We create your Google Ads account and the campaigns we think your business needs and we learn how to manage them together, we teach you how we do it and we collaborate in the optimization of your account until the moment you are ready to run it on your own.
We detect the opportunities for improvement of your Google Ads account and we deliver them to you in a report and you decide whether we get down to work with the changes or you carry them out on your own.
Maybe part of your target audience is browsing on Bing. Find them, offer them your products or services and increase your business turnover.

“I am delighted with the results: more visibility, more traffic, more conversions and lower spending. I recommend Human Level to anyone looking to improve their campaigns. Thank you for driving our business forward in a sustainable way.”
Cosimo Lorenzo Guerriero,
Marketing Director at Smowltech

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Who pays the Google Ads bills?

You, we are only the managers of your account. The ownership of the account will always be yours, whether you stay with us or not. However, we will help you set it all up.

Talk to us and tell us your needs, sometimes it is easier to customize our offer. Tell us and we will adapt to give you the best solution.

No problem, we have presented the most common solutions but we adapt to the needs of each client. If you have several accounts we will advise you on what is best for each of them.