Ramón Saquete

Ramón Saquete

Technical SEO Consultant

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Since 2008 in technical SEO and web development

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Computer Engineer
Technical Engineer in Computer Systems
Higher Technician in Computer Applications Development

Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude


I am a Computer Engineer, Technical Engineer in Computer Systems and I have the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude, degrees awarded by the University of Alicante. I am also a Higher Technician in Computer Applications Development.

I have been working since 2010 at HumanLevel as a technical SEO consultant and web developer. Previously, I worked for a couple of years in the IT department of the University of Elche for the development of Web applications for their Virtual Campus.

As a technical SEO consultant, I am specialized in the areas of WPO, indexability in general and especially with the indexability issues presented by JavaScript.

As a web developer, I have worked with all kinds of programming languages, layout and database technologies. Also, I have used all kinds of frameworks, APIs and CMS’s. All this allows me to better advise the development teams on the more technical SEO issues, speaking their language.

On a personal level

My favorite hobby is computers, which leads me to be always informed of what is happening in this sector and to be continuously acquiring new knowledge, but I also like photography, various sports, traveling, movies and video games.

I write a blog of scientific divulgation and curiosities oriented to computer science. You can visit it at www.pensamientoscomputables.com.

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