Ana Morales

Ana Morales

Web Analyst

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Since 2016 in Digital Marketing
Since 2021 in Web Analytics

Growth Marketing
Web analytics

Marketing and Market Research Degree
Postgraduate in Big Data Marketing

Google Analytics Certificate
Google Ads Search Advertising Certificate


My relationship with Marketing started from a lack of knowledge. I studied the Marketing and Market Research Degree by chance and without knowing very well what I was going to find. The good thing is that I got it right and after that, I started to create my professional career in the world of digital marketing.

Throughout my experience, I have worked in different areas, mainly SEO, PPC and digital analytics. Finally, my curious mind and my interest in finding the why of things made me opt for data analysis. I did a postgraduate degree in Big Data Marketing and an Expert in Customer Experience to go deeper into this world and expand my knowledge.

Currently I have specialized in Digital Analytics and I continue training to expand my skills in data analysis, as this area has a lot to offer.

On a personal level

Much of my free time is devoted to my other two obsessions: music and cinema. So I could spend hours and hours talking about it.

My other hobbies vary depending on what I feel like. Today I like photography, tomorrow it may be writing and the day after I don’t know.

Otherwise, everything is simpler. I enjoy having a beer with my friends and family and meeting new people, bars and places. The list of things to do can become endless!

Articles written by Ana

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