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How to migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4?

Why start using Google Analytics 4? Firstly, because there is no other option if you want to continue using Google’s environment tools for your digital analytics. If you have worked with Universal Analytics until now to track your website, you will know that since last July 2023 this platform, as you knew it, was disabled […]

Migración UA a GA4

How to use Google Data Studio according to your project type

Google Data Studio is a tool that allows us to create dashboards and dynamic reports by obtaining data from different sources that we can define from the following connectors: Although the applications of this tool can be numerous, we are going to focus on different types of web projects where the use of Google Data […]

Set up Google Analytics in your online store

As in traditional commerce, the owner of an online store must ensure that everything is going as it should: control what products are sold more, when, where users come from, if they are new recurrent, how long it takes to buy after the first visit … With web analytics tools you can get a lot of data.

Use of regular expressions in Google Analytics

Non-technical people may not be familiar with the use of regular expressions. For those who are not familiar with them, regular expressions are sequences of characters that form search patterns. These search patterns are useful in many sections of Google Analytics as they allow us to have a given functionality run in a large number […]

Customization of reports in Google Analytics

Just as important as obtaining all the relevant data for the correct evaluation of the KPIs of our business is to be able to visualize them quickly. Having a customized dashboard to review your site’s traffic data has the following advantages: Group the most relevant data. Saves time when reviewing performance. It unifies the way […]

Vanity Metrics

For those who are new to the world of web analytics, either on the side of those who pay for the reports or on the side of those who produce them, there is a common mistake that goes unnoticed on too many occasions. For all of them, this post may be useful. When we consider […]

Web event tracking with Analytics

Events are user interactions with our website. Almost any event that we can capture on our website using JavaScript will be able to execute an Analytics event. Event tracking can be performed independently of the loading of each web page of our site. Therefore, event tracking will not affect the number of page views. Although […]

User demographics and interest reporting in Analytics

Google Analytics has expanded its Public section functionalities with two new sections: demographic data and user interests. Demographic data provides us with information about the age and gender of users who visit our site. The interests section , on the other hand, offers us data such as affinity categories by which users who visit our […]

Cohort Analysis with Google Analytics

Cohort analysis is a technique widely used in medicine in which, starting from a sample of healthy patients, a study is made of the behavior of a disease depending on the exposure to certain risk factors within a period of time. Applying this to web analytics, we obtain a way to know if a group […]

Twitter Analytics: what is it and how to set it up?

Twitter Analytics is the official Twitter tool for analyzing your statistics. For a few days, it was opened to the public so they could test its usefulness and shortly after, access was restricted. Currently the tool is only accessible by users working with Twitter advertising, i.e. Twitter Ads. With Twitter Analytics we can analyze data […]

Web Analytics and SEO: analysis and segmentation of traffic sources – Congreso Web Zaragoza 2013

Web Analytics and SEO: analysis and segmentation of traffic sources – Human Level Communications at Congreso Web Zaragoza 2013 from Human Level Communications   Fernando Maciá was in charge of closing the Zaragoza Web Congress 2013 with this speech. In this edition, there was a lot of Web Analytics, Development, Applications, SEO, Social Media, eCommerce […]

Fotografía de Fernando Maciá

How to measure traffic on multidomain websites

On websites where content is available in multiple languages, it is common to use multiple domains to distribute content. We must keep in mind that, even if we use several domains to distribute the content of our website, the users of our site will navigate between them when changing the language with the selector, or […]

Web Analytics: And… who visits my website?

How do you know what results your website is getting? Do you know who visits your website, how many visits it registers, what those visits are like, where they come from, which website or search engine has referred them to your website…? Do you know which sections of your website are of most and least […]