Alicia Rodríguez

Alicia Rodríguez Ruiz

Head of Content

Alicia Rodríguez

Since 2012 in marketing
Since 1995 managing accounts and teams

Content marketing
SEO Content

Degree in Business Administration
Master’s Degree in Management and Direction of SMEs
Postgraduate in Community Management

Content marketing (Hubspot Academy)
Advanced SEO (LinkedIn)
Content Marketing Foundations (LinkedIn)


For a few years, 18 years to be precise, I worked as the head of the financial department of a company until 2011, when my working life took a 180º turn.

Generally, we tend to identify change with something negative, but in my case I can attest that it doesn’t have to be. What’s more, I can say out loud that for me the new employment roadmap has meant direct access to a world as exciting as the digital one.

I must admit that having a degree in Business Studies and a Master’s degree in Management and SME Management has helped me to make my landing in the world of online marketing much easier.

In line with the above, after completing a postgraduate degree in Community Management, I began to write publications as a blogger to, subsequently, focus on content marketing as the nerve center of my professional activity.

I confess that I am restless by nature and self-taught by conviction, this served me greatly to launch in 2014 my first digital project, SoMeChatES, with which I was a pioneer in the management of Twitter Chats in Spanish.

Over time, this initial project was completed with services as Content Strategist for companies and professionals, as well as with work as SEO copywriter and digital content editor.

My resume highlights my work for almost 5 years in the SEMrush Spain and LATAM team as Content Strategist and editor of the Spanish blog. In this position I managed, among other things, to take the SEMrush blog in Spanish to third place in the 2019 Marketing Blogosphere Awards.

During these years, I have been expanding my profile with other jobs as a speaker at conferences and congresses, and as a teacher in various courses and masters in business schools and universities, always without losing content marketing as the main focus.

I came to Human Level as content manager after having worked externally with them as an external SEO copywriter for almost a year.

On a personal level

I confess to being an inveterate reader of everything that falls into my hands. I’m curious and I can’t resist being seduced by a well-told story, whatever the subject matter.

Whenever possible, I like to travel and get to know new cultures on the street. As a traveler I enjoy those corners and moments that escape the tourists and that only pro travelers know how to appreciate.

Thus, I have become in love with the sunrises in Namibia, the smiles of the children in Ethiopia or the peace transmitted by the good people in Myanmar.

A secret, when I grow up and retire, ahem, I want to live in Sydney and go back to stroll its streets and enjoy the view a thousand times more with its wonderful bay as a backdrop.

With my special people I like to share moments around a good wine or a new dish to savor.

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