Presentation by Fernando Maciá at FTVA 2017

Fernando Maciá, director of Human Level, was once again invited as a speaker at the Aragón Virtual Shops Fair, held on April 7th of this year. Here is the video and below is a summary of the presentation. Traditional” content marketing The content of a website is the raw material that SEO can best take […]

Just-in-time content: the key for SEO and conversion

Just-in-Time content: key for SEO and conversion Just-in-Time Content: the key to SEO and Conversion from Fernando Maciá Domene An SEO-oriented content strategy can improve not only the visibility of a Web site in search engines, but also conversion, influencing traffic and sales. In this presentation, framed within the XII Feria de Tiendas Virtuales de […]

Quality content: what Google wants to find in your online store

Content is king, but only quality content. There has been a lot of discussion over the last few years about what characteristics a content must fulfill to be valued as relevant by search engines and to achieve a good positioning. Although supported by experience and various experiments, these features are still just guesses: no one […]

How Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can help your online store

When developing the architecture of our online store and nurturing it with content, we take special care to distribute our product families well, link the most profitable or most popular ones, clearly stipulate the terms of sale or choose a visible site and a convincing text that explains who we are. However, we tend to […]

The importance of having a blog in your online store

Many people are unaware of the advantages of having a blog in their online store. The truth is that having an e-commerce and not having a blog is a combination that today you should not even consider. If you’ve just dipped into the online world or you are one of those who, despite having been moving around for a while, had not yet stopped to think about the benefits that a blog would bring to your business, we are honored to let you know that you’ve come to the right place.

Tips for blogging for your online store

In this article we are going to see how to choose what topic to write about in your online store blog. If with the article titled 7 reasons to have a blog in your online store I gave you the push you needed to set up a blog in your e-commerce, now I encourage you […]

Happy blogging day!

Today, August 31, is blog day. And more than a few bloggers are celebrating! In recent times, the growth of these logbooks has been meteoric. Amateurs or experts, teenagers and sexagenarians, amateur writers, potential artists and professional bloggers have jumped into the world of blogging without a second thought. Democratization is an inherent quality of […]

7 Reasons to have a blog in your online store

An e-commerce project requires constant work to increase sales. When it comes to optimizing the platform, it is usual to start by optimizing the e-commerce web application for search engines: information architecture, SEO on page, etc., but… What else can we do when we think the store is perfect? A highly recommended option is to […]

How to write web content according to Jakob Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen, the renowned guru of Web usability and accessibility issues, recently published an article in his famous Alertbox newsletter where he exposed a series of tips about the way in which we have to write the contents of our Web. These tips detailed the typical mistakes that are made in the online environment when […]