María Navarro

María Navarro

Head of SEO

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Since 2016 in SEO

Technical SEO
SEO e-commerce

Professional Degree in Telecommunications and Computer Science
Professional Degree in Computer Applications Development
Master’s Degree in Web Design, Usability and Programming

Google Analytics Certificate
Certified trainer of trainers


My studies are a bit diverse, but in the end all of them have been leading me to a common point, the wonderful world of the Internet.

I am a graduate in Computer Applications Development and a graduate in Telecommunications and Computer Systems. Gradually I focused on web development and design, so I took a Technical Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Web Development.

Soon after I started working on creating websites and I realized that something vital was missing, SEO positioning. As on other occasions, I set to work to satisfy my concerns.

Today I am an SEO consultant and web developer at Human Level. Since I have been part of this team I have collaborated and developed projects to optimize the architecture and improve the relevance of different portals, I have solved migration consultancies as well as developed websites for us and our clients.

I believe in lifelong learning and fortunately today I work with a team of professionals who nurture my thirst for knowledge and an office where together we advance professionally.

On a personal level

I consider myself a cheerful, observant and perfectionist person, although I am also a bit stubborn and always try to achieve what I set out to do, I love movies, music and reading, but what I enjoy the most is an afternoon of board games with family or friends. I also have a problem with series: as soon as I start one I can’t stop….

I am a fan of gastronomy, of eating well and discovering new flavors, and I love to cook, of course, without measures.

My great passion is animals and nature, I grew up in it and it is part of my essence. Besides, discovering new places, new cultures and new ways of seeing the world is another of my passions, so my proposal each year is to travel more and more because, it’s not that I love it, it’s that I need it.

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