Advertising on Tiktok

The leading platform for short-format videos.

TikTok, the platform where originality is celebrated and trends are born

TikTok is where brands of all sizes and sectors get noticed and achieve great results. In fact, 92% of users carry out an action after watching a video on TikTok. With an audience of more than 1 billion active users globally, investing in this platform is a winning bet.

Why invest in advertising on TikTok?

Visibility, engagement and impact

  • Communicate with your audience
  • Multiply the return on your investment
  • Increase your sales
  • Measure the success of your campaign

What characterizes Tiktok campaigns?

Customize your segmentation in detail

TikTok is the most powerful platform in terms of segmentation possibilities. In addition to the general variables of location, gender, age, purchasing power, you can also choose from multiple additional options.

  1. Custom audiences

    These are tempered/warm audiences that we create from databases, ad interaction, website activity, etc.
  2. Similar audiences

    Allow us to create audiences with similar characteristics to an already created custom audience that we have given to the system.
  3. General interest audiences

    Allow us to reach an audience with a range of general interests in a video category.
  4. Audiences with purchase intent

    Allow us to create audiences of people whose recent behavior suggests they may buy something related to a specific category.
  5. Audiences based on video interactions

    Viewed to completion, liked, commented or shared. We can select different video categories and different retention (last 7 or 15 days) to create our audience.
  6. Audiences based on behavior with content creators: followers or viewed profile

    We select different categories of content creators.
  7. Audiences based on interaction with hashtags

    We perform hashtags research and introduce them at the ad group level to impact people who have interacted with content mentioning those hashtags.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Human Level's work plan?

We take care of the whole process. We create the advertising account on Pinterest, carry out the set-up of the campaigns through an initial analysis, manage and optimize the account with strategies oriented to achieve the objectives and finally we carry out an analysis of the results.

TikTok campaigns can have a Reach objective in order to show ads to as many people as possible. They can also have an objective criteria to achieve more traffic to the website, more video views, more interaction. And finally, they can also have a conversion goal to drive actions on your website, such as a sale, a registration or a subscription.

You, we are only the managers of your account. The ownership of the account will always be yours, whether you stay with us or not. However, we will help you set it all up.

Work with a team of professional experts in Social Media advertising, who monitor and control the campaigns on a daily basis to carry out the necessary optimizations and guarantee the achievement of the objectives.