Online marketing is fueled by the coordinated effort of multiple specialists: SEO experts, computer engineers, PPC campaign managers, advertising and communication experts… Our team is composed of digital marketing professionals who combine youth and dynamism with an enormous experience. Moreover, we invest many resources into always being up to speed with this continuously evolving specialty.

In the present day, Human Level’s team consists of SEO, advertising, analytics, e-commerce and conversion expert consultants, with the following characteristics:

  • Highly trained: 90% of our team is in possession of at least one university degree, and 60% has finished a Master’s degree or postgraduate studies.
  • Multidisciplinary: our team members have graduated in a great variety of specialties, which result in a massive pool of knowledge in computer science and programming, marketing and advertising, languages and communication.
  • Experienced: Human Level Communications’ professionals accumulate over 35 years of experience in communication and marketing.
  • Stable: our team is our biggest asset. We keep our staff rotation to a minimum. We only ever rely on the best professionals and provide them with the best environment to develop their work, striving to provide, in turn, excellent service to our clients.
  • Certified: our consultants hold the main certifications enabling to perform their jobs (Google Partners, Bing Ads, Confianza Online, etc.)

The staff is led by a renowned professional in search marketing in Spain: Fernando Maciá, SEO expert, author of the first books in Spanish on the subject of advanced SEO and web positioning, author of more than 50 technical articles since 2003 and 8 online marketing books. He is also a frequent lecturer at the most important digital marketing events and an instructor taking part in several Master’s degrees at universities and business schools.

In our personal lives we are a colourful mosaic of hobbies, interests and personalities, very different but compatible at the same time. Harmony, collaboration and good mood is a constant in our offices, and that’s what we want to pass on to our clients.

Come closer and get to know us!

Our team

Fernando Maciá

Fernando Maciá

Director and online marketing expert
Jose Vicente, responsable del departamento de Search Marketing

Jose Emeterio Vicente

Head of search marketing
Fani Sánchez

Fani Sánchez

SEO consultant and communications manager

Mercedes Martínez

SEO consultant

Ramón Saquete

Senior developer
Juan Daniel

Juan Daniel Fuentes

Head of Online Advertising
Anastasia Kurmakaeva

Anastasia Kurmakaeva

International SEO consultant

Rocío Rodríguez

SEO consultant
Miguel Ángel Culiáñez, Consultor de eCommerce en Human Level Communications

Miguel Ángel Culiáñez

Head of Business Development

María Navarro

SEO consultant and Web developer

Sandra López

SEO consultant

Adrián Levy

SEO consultant

Mario Dios

SEO consultant
Sandra Vilchez

Sandra Vílchez