Paolo Gorgazzi

Paolo Gorgazzi

SEO Consultant

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From 2006 to 2020 commercial management
Since 2021 SEO



Degree in Communication Sciences
Master in Professional SEO/SEM by Kschool
Kschool Advanced SEO Course



Graduated in Communication Sciences by the University of Trieste, Italy, with a thesis on Responsible Tourism, an alternative to the well-known mass tourism. I started my professional career in Spain, working for a Swiss marketing agency where I was in charge of product positioning for important international brands in TV series. Our clients were well-known brands from multiple sectors and industries looking for visibility on the small screen.

Subsequently I had the opportunity to develop my professional career in the textile industry, collaborating with the strongest private sales platforms in Europe. It was my first contact with the digital world.

I collaborate with the SAVIA craft project, taking care of the communication to arouse the curiosity of our potential customers. Watercolors and hand calligraphy for different purposes: weddings, companies and individuals.

I have completed the Master in professional SEO and SEM by KSchool with the aim of specializing in one of the legs of digital marketing, a very attractive and competitive sector in the job market. I have finally joined the Human Level team.

On a personal level

What I enjoy most is spending quality and fun time with my family. I have a weakness for books and series dealing with criminal organizations. I almost always wear a black t-shirt (minus the photo you see here 😜). A few years ago I discovered the pleasure of mountain biking and I look forward to the weekend to get lost in the countryside.

Travel in all its forms is something that has attracted me since I was very young and that is why I have made several solo trips to different countries in South America. Now I have a van that has allowed me to visit several countries in Europe and North Africa with my wife. I dream of living in a camper van to wake up every day in a different place.

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