Maria Villacampa

Maria Villacampa

Business development

Photo of Maria Villacampa, business development

10 months in Business Development
7 months in Marketing and Communication Agency

Public Relations

Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Communication Agency Management
Degree in Advertising and Public Relations
Higher Degree in Event Management
Special Mention in Marketing


Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations with a higher degree in Event Management and a specialization in marketing by the Villanueva University in Madrid.

I started in the working world in a marketing and communication agency where I had a first contact with this sector and I learned a little bit how things work in this little world.

Later, I continued working in the media sector in an online newspaper in the Business Development department, combining it with another customer service job in a multinational company.

I specialized in a master’s degree in Public Relations Management and Communication Agencies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in order to focus my professional career on what I like.

And now, I have embarked on this adventure by starting to work in the Business Development area of Human Level.

On a personal level

It may sound cliché but… my favorite thing to do is to travel. And the sea, I also like the sea. And the big cities, yes. I am a girl of contrasts.

Another thing I love is animals. Especially cats and hamsters, with which I have experience of having at home. My father says I look like Noah for thinking that in the future I would like to have a place in my house where I could have many species of animals and take care of them.

Other things that take up some of my free time are shopping, makeup, fashion and the color pink.

I also like pinchos de tortilla de patata poco cuajada accompanied by coffee and Italian food.