Carlos Díaz-Oliver

Carlos Díaz-Oliver

Marketing manager and web developer

Photo of Carlos Díaz-Oliver, marketing manager and web developer

Since 2012 in graphic design and web development
From 2015 to 2023 in teaching and digital marketing

Graphic design
Web development

Professional Degree in Web Applications Development (Ongoing)
Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education with a specialization in English teaching
Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education

English and Valencian Language Teaching Skills


Graduated in Early Childhood and Primary Education, English specialist and passionate about technology in all its fields. I started my way through university studying Computer Engineering, but soon I realized what would be and is my vocation: education.

Despite this, the change of career did not prevent me from learning and dedicating myself to computers and design in various projects, accumulating knowledge and experience that I have been able to transfer to my reality as a teacher in recent years. In particular, I was in charge of the Communication and Marketing department for more than 7 years, developing coordination and design tasks and managing the school’s social networks, website and corporate identity.

Over time, my tireless passion for computers made me realize that I needed to get rid of that thorn that had been stuck in my side for so many years, so I decided to turn my life around and start studying Web Applications Development.

Now, grateful for everything I have experienced and learned in the field of education, I begin a new stage in Human Level as a digital marketing project manager and web developer. A change in my professional career that I start with great enthusiasm and eager to continue growing professionally.

On a personal level

I consider myself a creative and hardworking person, constantly looking for new challenges that stimulate me and help me to get the best out of me. That’s why I’m always training or learning something new, which is usually related to technology most of the time (I almost always carry my Mac in my backpack to take advantage of any time I have), but also covers fields such as music, agriculture, photography, drawing or even archery.

In my free time I also like to cook, do marathons of series or movies, read fantasy and science fiction books, listen to music (preferably indie or instrumental) or hang out with friends enjoying a good beer. Without forgetting one of my biggest hobbies, video games, especially those with a great story or those that surprise me artistically or in terms of gameplay.

Finally, although I don’t travel as much as I would like to, I almost always choose destinations where I can be surrounded by nature. I love hiking and enjoy every landscape, plant and insect I find along the way!