María José Camacho

María José Camacho

HR Manager

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20 years in customer service, administration, finance and HR.

Administration and HR

Medium Professional Degree in Administration


My more than 20 years of work experience, my training and my professional career have allowed me to reach my goals. I have developed responsibilities being the intermediary between the company and the workers, helping in decision making and conflict resolution. I am very good in complex environments, with people management and negotiations with works councils and unions.

This 2024 has started very differently than I thought it would, with the opportunity to work in HR but from a business perspective. My last 8 years of work have been a full throttle race without brakes where I have grown personally and professionally, where I have contributed my knowledge, my desire to help and my perseverance to get to the bottom of situations. The most important thing for me is, above all, to always be myself and that nothing and no one makes me lose my essence.

I completed my studies in Business Administration and I did some much-needed additional training to complete my initial studies. I will always continue to train myself to give the best of me.

At Human Level I am currently responsible for HR. From my professional experience I can assure you, without being mistaken, that people are what make the difference.

On a personal level

In 2010 the man of my life, my son, was born. From that moment on I knew what love is in its purest form.

For me, family is very important, to be able to pass on to my son the values I have received from my parents and grandparents, such as love, friendship, solidarity, respect, tolerance, empathy, honesty, responsibility, trust, discipline, commitment…

Since 2021 we have a new member in the family: Kaila, a little dog that has stolen our hearts.

I also really like action, fiction and crime investigation movies.