Laura Ruiz Fernández

Laura Ruiz Fernández

SEO Consultant

Photo of Laura Ruiz, SEO consultant


2 years in customer service
3 years in digital marketing and CRM
More than 1 year in SEO


Degree in Audiovisual Communication
Master in Digital Marketing
Master in Professional SEO/SEM by Kschool


I have studied a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Barcelona.
My love for cinema and fiction led me to decide to study Audiovisuals and although during the degree I had the opportunity to discover some of the madness and genius of Hitchcock, Lynch, Welles and company, those years also opened the door to something completely unknown to me: marketing and digital communication.

So after spending some time working in customer service in a multinational company, I decided to specialize and take a master’s degree in Digital Marketing at the UOC. There I had the opportunity to learn many concepts and processes that were still unknown to me. Thanks to this master’s degree I acquired a broad and general vision of the different techniques, strategies and disciplines of Digital Marketing. And, of course, among them was SEO, which quickly caught my interest.

For almost three years I also had the opportunity to work in a startup. That experience allowed me to collaborate in the development of digital products and businesses and to put into practice much of the knowledge acquired during the master’s degree.

Finally, I decided to specialize in SEO and to take the professional SEO – SEM master at KSchool, an academic decision that has allowed me to continue to grow professionally and join the SEO team at Human Level.

On a personal level

Even though the clapperboard and the screenwriter have been stored in the attic for years, cinema is still a very important part of my life. Beyond following it on Streaming, I love to continue living the experience of watching movies in theaters, and I try to go whenever I can to enjoy the latest releases.

Another passion of mine is music, and as with movies, I think Streaming is a fantastic way to listen to and discover music, but there are few things I love more than enjoying a live concert. In addition, I also love the world of High Fidelity and, therefore, I have recently started a small vinyl collection.

Sports, retro video games and good TV series are other hobbies of mine.