Juan Daniel Fuentes

Juan Daniel Fuentes

Head of Online Advertising

Photo of Juan Daniel Fuentes, Head of Online Advertising

Running Google Ads campaigns since 2016

Google Ads

Degree in Sociology
Master in HR Management

Google Ads Certification


I graduated in Sociology by the University of Alicante, although at the end of my degree I had almost more subjects in Advertising than in Sociology. My idea was to change to advertising in the second cycle but I liked the study of human societies so much that I could not give it up, so I oriented my path and my specialties to market sociology. Fresh out of college, I became interested in human resources and decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in HR Management at Fundesem.

I have always been a fidget and I kept studying countless things in different fields, both personally and professionally. In fact, one day a good friend of mine told me that I was like the duck, that I could walk, but not very well, that I could swim, but not very well and that I could fly, but not very well… my friend was very funny but he was not without some reason.

All that changed when, through different work experiences, I got to know the wonderful world of “pay per click”. Such a direct, quantifiable, and yes, changeable form amazed me. The infinity of information at your fingertips, how to use it and how updated you have to be to keep surfing on the crest of the wave completely excites me. My day goes by in a flash between Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads accounts… and it’s a tremendous satisfaction to see how you get results so directly from your work.

From that moment on I became a specialist, and the world of Internet advertising took over my working hours and in many occasions also my leisure time. I am responsible for the Online Advertising department at Human Level Communications, I am certified in Google Adwords and I have already exceeded one million € of investment in this platform, I continue and will always continue studying but undoubtedly the best learning is done “on road”.

On a personal level

With my wife’s permission, I fell in love again in the spring of 2016. On March 21 my daughter was born and since then everything else can wait, everything but her brother, who was born 3 years later. Now they are my biggest hobbies.

Before, I practiced Basketball and Airsoft, a strategy sport disguised as a war simulation, or as my friends and family know it “That which is like paintball but dressed as military and without paint”. I am totally pro-peace and I am convinced that the world would be a better place if wars were fought with 6mm biodegradable pellets like we do.

I also like video games, shooters (of course), reading comics and science fiction and as a good geek I devour Netflix, HBO, etc…

I have always had a dog, I particularly love the Boxer breed. And there are two that will always be in my heart. Although I don’t have one now, my children will undoubtedly be raised with a pet.

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