Online Advertising Dictionary

Online Advertising Dictionary

Online advertising in Spain is already the second most important media in terms of investment, only behind television and ahead of radio and press.

The online advertising professional must be familiar with the main means and strategies of Internet marketing in all its forms: own media, paid media or earned media, as well as with the main ways of communicating the advertising message: banners, sponsored links, newsletter, interstitial…

We also saw how the measurement of success in advertising has brought into fashion terms such as Quality score, click-through rate or cost per thousand impressions as opposed to the more traditional impacts or GRPs.


What is Baidu? Baidu (its literal translation is “one hundred times”) is the first search engine used in China, based in Beijing. It was created by Robin Li and Eric Xu in 1999 and offers web search, news, images, songs, locations (maps) among other functions. It currently manages a 60% share of the search market. […]


A banner is a form of advertising that consists of including an advertisement on a web page. Find out how to design it and which formats get more clicks.

Advertising banners at night in Times Square

Behavioral segmentation

What is behavioral segmentation? Behavioral segmentation refers to the practice of targeting and serving ads or displaying personalized content to groups of people who show similarities not only in their location, gender or age, but also in the way they act and react in their online environment. Controlled and segmented behaviors include the areas of the […]

Call to action (CTA)

Call to Action (CTA) is a term widely used in marketing, which refers to those literal or graphic elements that serve to attract a user to perform a specific action immediately. The “action” we want them to perform can range from something as simple as subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a song, to buying […]

Click-through rate (CTR)

The CTR, Click-through rate, is the percentage of users who clicked on a link or an ad with a link. It is usually one of the most important performance indicators in online advertising campaigns. CTR is one of the most important performance indicators in online advertising campaigns. This indicator is calculated by dividing the total […]

Community Manager

The community manager is responsible for managing the community of followers of the brand on the Internet. The community is usually understood as the users who follow the company on social networks, but we must not forget that the community of followers also includes the people who actively participate by leaving their comments on the […]

Cost per acquisition (CPA)

Cost per acquisition or CPA is the total cost invested in promoting a website to achieve a sale. In online advertising, it is usually the most advantageous system for the advertiser, more so than other models such as CPC or CPM, because only one cost is borne for each sale made. The cost per acquisition […]

Cost per click (CPC)

What is Cost per Click? The Cost per Click is a profitability indicator or cost model based on the payment of an amount for each click obtained on advertisements. The most common case is that each click results in a visit to the advertised website. If the ads are specially designed to appear on mobile […]

Cost per lead (CPL)

We define a lead as a prospect, a potential customer. A lead is a web user who, during his visit to the advertiser’s site, provides enough information to become a potential customer. The most common ways to get a lead are by sending a form, subscribing or registering on the web, downloading a dossier after […]

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

It is the cost of a web advertising campaign directly related to the number of times an ad is displayed (impressions). It is usually the most common cost model used in brand recognition campaigns, also known as branding campaigns. This cost model ensures that the ad has been shown a number of times for which […]

Cross-media marketing

Cross-media marketing refers to all media that can be used cross-media to promote our presence on the Internet. Promotion in such media need not be limited to online media. On the contrary, we can also take advantage of the promotion that the company or brand makes in offline media to spread our online presence or […]

Digital marketing – Online marketing

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing, online marketing, e-marketing or Internet marketing refers to the promotion of products or services on the Internet. In a more concrete way, we would be calling under these concepts the set of marketing strategies that we can use to attract and retain customers to a website.   A business […]

Double opt-in

Double opt-in is an expression related to the way in which a mailing list is created, i.e. the way in which a person’s data is included as a recipient within a commercial or advertising e-mail distribution list. Double opt-in is a system for registering user data as a recipient on a mailing list by which […]


EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm that determines the reach of posts and the priority order of posts. EdgeRank determines how many users each post reaches, and in what position the post will appear on each user’s Facebook home page, also known as newsfeed. Facebook defines the relevance of posts based on three parameters: affinity, interaction and […]

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the sponsored ads platform of this social network. Facebook Ads has become a very valuable online marketing tool for businesses as it allows them to create campaigns even with tight budgets. In Facebook Ads we can create text, image and video ads that will be shown in the users’ News Feed, that […]

Google AdWords – Google Ads

Google AdWords, now rebranded as Google Ads, is Google’s platform used to manage ad campaigns in the media it has available. Basically, there are two groups of media where the ads appear. On the one hand, the pages that are owned by Google, such as its search engine, the Youtube video community, Gmail, Google Maps, […]