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Fani Sánchez

Written by Fani Sánchez

Cross-media marketing refers to all media that can be used cross-media to promote our presence on the Internet. Promotion in such media need not be limited to online media. On the contrary, we can also take advantage of the promotion that the company or brand makes in offline media to spread our online presence or to bring potential customers from traditional advertising media to our website.

We can also take advantage of the promotion that the company or brand makes in offline media to spread our online presence.

Offline, the goal is to leverage all of the company’s advertising and promotional activity to drive quality traffic to the website:

  • Cross marketing on business cardsInclude the Web address in all corporate documentation: The website URL should be as repetitive an element as the company logo. Be sure to include the URL on business cards, company envelopes, information brochures, product and service catalogs, fax sheets, invoices, quotations, checks, receipts, etc.
  • Include QR codes in outdoor advertising, POS, business cards, etc.: QR codes are small encoded images in which a URL address, contact, phone number,etc. can be included and easily read by a smartphone. This saves the user from having to enter or memorize this data in order to access information about the product, service or person within a company’s website.
  • Include the Web address in the promotional elements of the company: Any promotional object where the URL of the company’s portal can be inserted is an element that enhances the promotion of the website. Objects such as company pens, mouse pads, pen drives, notepads, compact disc cases, calendars, etc., are everyday examples where we see the Web address of companies represented.
  • Include the Web address in our products: It seems like a no-brainer but many companies ignore it. If the company sells tangible products, it can certainly allocate a space in the product lithography to insert the URL of the Web page.
  • Include the Web address in advertising campaigns in other media: If a company is already running one or more advertising campaigns in traditional media, it is logical to reinforce the promotion of the site with these media. TV or radio spots where we see or hear the URL of the website are becoming more and more familiar. The URL of the company’s website is also often inserted in advertisements, newspaper and magazine ads.
  • Do traditional direct marketing to promote the website: Once the website is created, you can get initial traffic by publicizing the portal through a direct marketing campaign. For example, sending a brochure or catalog with the URL and the reasons why your target audience should visit the Web is more than enough to get the first waves of qualified visitors to your site.
  • Naming the Web address in networking activities: Promote attendance at events where you can contact potential clients and make them aware of the Web.

All these techniques together with other online techniques, such as social media promotion, Google AdWords ads or email marketing, are a fundamental part of an effective cross-media marketing strategy.

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Fani Sánchez
Fani Sánchez
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