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Definition of Facebook AdsFacebook Ads is the sponsored ads platform of this social network. Facebook Ads has become a very valuable online marketing tool for businesses as it allows them to create campaigns even with tight budgets.

In Facebook Ads we can create text, image and video ads that will be shown in the users’ News Feed, that is, on their home page.

Facebook ads can be used to promote Facebook pages, Facebook Event pages, websites and mobile applications.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

  • Audience targeting: this is the strongest point of Facebook Ads as it allows us to reach with our ad the socio-demographic profile of the user that matches our ideal customer. And a community of more than 1.3 billion active users.

Facebook Ads allows us to approach segmented audiences that match our target audience.

  • Integration: Facebook advertising appears integrated within the rest of the content as if they were publications made by friends or pages followed by the user.
  • Viralization: Facebook Ads ads work as publications, so they can be shared, commented on and “Liked”.
  • Analysis: the reports provided by the tool allow us to draw conclusions from the campaigns carried out.

In addition, Facebook Ads has a campaign structure organized in three levels, which facilitates A/B testing.

The three levels are:

  1. Campaign: it is configured on the basis of the advertising objective to be pursued, and is chosen from among 10 different types.
  2. Ad group: the audience, budget and publication schedule of the campaign are determined.
  3. Advertisements: these are the final presentations of the banners and publications that are promoted in the campaign.

Facebook Ads campaign structure

As we have seen, with Facebook Ads we can create ad campaigns based on our advertising objectives. Therefore, in the configuration of our ads we will be able to choose between different types of campaigns:

  • Promote your publications.
  • Promote your site.
  • Attract people to your website.
  • increase conversions on your website.
  • increase your application installations.
  • Increase interaction in your application.
  • Reaching people who are close to your business.
  • Increase the number of attendees at your event.
  • Getting people to apply for your offer.
  • increase video views.

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