Juan Antonio Castillejos

Juan Antonio Castillejos

SEO Consultant

Photo of Juan Antonio Castillejos, SEO consultant

More than 5 years in Radio and Media.
12 years Administration and Customer Relationship Management
More than 1 year in SEO


Degree in Information Sciences (Journalism) – UCH-CEU
Master in Professional SEO/SEM – Kschool


Graduated in Information Sciences – Journalism by the UCH-CEU University of Valencia. Since first grade I discovered what was my first passion: radio. During the following years I did several programs in this media and directed my own daily sports program.

From then on, a change in my career took place that led me to the world of Tourism, studying a Master in Hotel Management that allowed me to work in fascinating places such as London, where I spent more than a year in an interesting project in charge of my own team.

During this time I was already very interested in marketing and content creation: I started several projects such as online video game magazines, niche thematic websites or restaurant and leisure websites, already in Barcelona.

Continuous readings and a great self-taught eagerness kept me active in the way of Marketing, which finally led me to do the Master SEO-SEM Professional at KSchool, where I consolidated my knowledge and discovered that SEO, a fundamental branch within marketing, was what I was really passionate about.

At present, I try to continue learning day by day in an industry that does not remain static even for a minute.

On a personal level

I am passionate about the world of online content, which has led me to dedicate myself to SEO. I like to keep up to date and read about Marketing and, specifically, SEO.

On the other hand, I love to communicate. I have a weakness for the world of radio – to go back to making a program is a dream for the future – as well as for the creation of content in all its forms.

Another of my hobbies is traveling: so far I have climbed to the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan, visited Pompeii, participated in a Holi party in Jaipur (India) and enjoyed much of the European continent, although I hope to explore many other places.

Sports, retro video games and good TV series are other hobbies of mine.

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