Sandra Vílchez

Sandra Vílchez

Administration manager

Photo of Sandra Vílchez, Administration Manager

20 years in Administration, Finance and HR

Management Secretary – Finance and HR

Professional Degree in Finance


I studied Administration in San Vicente del Raspeig and complemented my training with different courses of great utility for the development of my current job functions. My studies have always been focused on finance.

At Human Level I am currently responsible for the Administration department, that is, mainly the person who takes care of the economic-accounting accuracy of the company. My motto is: “Everything has to fit perfectly”.

In June 2012 I started my first work adventure in the world of Online Marketing and Web Development, a world that does not stop surprising me every day in a very positive way. Almost all my work experience has been developed in the finance sector, I’ve been working for 20 years now and I’m here to keep learning every day.

On a personal level

What do I do with the rest of my time when I’m not working? Well, in many little things: traveling, doing sports (I like almost all of them!), going to the movies, reading, enjoying my family and friends or going to the beach (I love it!!!). In general, I like to enjoy every minute that the day brings us, it doesn’t imply that you have to do big things for it, as the little moments are what make life wonderful.