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How to do a Web migration in SEO – Livestream

If you are afraid of Web migrations, with this livestream by Fernando Maciá for Sistrix you will lose your fear of them. Our director teaches you everything we have learned in these 15 years doing migrations.

Orphan pages: how to detect and solve them

Orphan pages or pages without links do not take advantage of the domain’s authority and thus detract from your rankings. Learn how to detect and manage them with this comprehensive article.

SEO Surgery with Fernando Maciá – SEMRush Webinar

Last September 27th, SEMRush invited Fernando Maciá to a session on “SEO Surgery”. The expert analyzed the websites offered by Twitter users to point out their main SEO mistakes. You can see the video of the session in this post.

How to optimize a sitemap to improve indexing

The purpose of the sitemap file is to help search engines find and index the pages of your website. As a general rule, crawlers index all the pages they find, unless they include some kind of blocking instruction. In this article we tell you how you can optimize this file to improve the indexing of your site.

How to implement optimized pagination on your website

On websites we often find content that, due to its large extension, is presented on more than one page. For example, in online stores that have very extensive product listings. In this case, the articles are distributed in different pages, which end up forming a series of interrelated URLs.

Mobile SEO: SEMrush Roundtable

Last June, Fernando Maciá participated in a roundtable organized by SEMrush (via Google Hangouts) together with SEO experts Natzir Turrado, Fernando Angulo and Gianluca Fiorelli to talk about SEO for mobile. Mobile SEO The first question posed to the marketing strategists was what people should be doing on their websites right now in terms of […]

Yoast SEO for WordPress: get the most out of it with our tips

Currently the most used content management system worldwide is WordPress.
Moreover, it is no secret that nowadays we are in a continuous war for our websites to be well positioned. WordPress is becoming more and more optimized for SEO, but it still has shortcomings. For this purpose, it has many extensions: its famous plugins. There are plugins for

Keyword consulting for SEO with

Since last September, Google introduced a slight but substantial change in the information offered through its Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool (also known as Keyword Planner). If you manage Google AdWords campaigns on a regular basis, you won’t have noticed any difference. However, if you do not have an active campaign or have never created […]