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SEO Tools

Google Trends: how to use it in online marketing strategies

Google Trends is a simple and free tool that can be very useful during the research phase of any online marketing strategy. In this post we present some examples of how to exploit their different functionalities and put them at the service of our particular interest: How to use Google Trends in SEM Campaigns Whether […]

SEO as a critical and cross-cutting inbound marketing strategy

As an online marketing strategy, SEO today goes far beyond positioning objectives for certain keywords and the application of titles and goals to achieve those objectives. It is a cross-cutting strategy that interrelates with the rest of the customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty strategies. Therefore, more than as a specific action to optimize a Web […]

Negative SEO management with CognitiveSEO

We will analyze to what extent a popularity profile may or may not be toxic and establish procedures for continuous monitoring to control and react in real time to the possibility of being exposed to intentional or unintentional negative SEO actions. Fernando Maciá, Founding Partner and Managing Director at Human Level Communications presents this topic […]

SERP Tracking – Jorge González at eShow Barcelona 2016

We will see how Adrenalina tracks positions in the different markets and what tools allow us to have a more effective control of the positions. Jorge González, SEO Manager & CMO Adrenalina. The problem for us and our clients: each tool gives different tracking results. We do not know which one to use. But we […]

Majestic SEO: César Aparicio at eShow Barcelona 2016

Determining the quality of the link profile of our website and those of our competitors is fundamental to estimate our competitive capacity within a niche. Is a link good? What anchor text ratio is right for me? Where does the competition have an advantage over me? These and some other recurring questions will find their […]

What it is and how to deal with duplicate content on your website

One of the most common indexability problems when I perform an SEO audit of a website is duplicate content. The purpose of this article is to define a guide with some points to review that we have detected in Human Level thanks to the experience gained after many years doing SEO consulting.

Human Level at Sistrix’s professional meeting in Madrid

Last Friday, March 4th, part of Human Level‘s Search department was selected to attend a meeting of professionals organized by the Sistrix tool in Madrid. Juan González, head of Sistrix for Spain and UK, gathered around forty SEO professionals to explain the main new features of the tool. In addition, we were able to discuss […]

Linkbuilding: concept, links and SEO best practices

What is linkbuilding: basic concepts Linkbuilding is one of the most important aspects of SEO, at Off Page level, and consists of the generation and achievement of external links to our website. In other words, it is about getting other pages relevant to search engines and users to link to our content. The objective of […]

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Set up Google Analytics in your online store

As in traditional commerce, the owner of an online store must ensure that everything is going as it should: control what products are sold more, when, where users come from, if they are new recurrent, how long it takes to buy after the first visit … With web analytics tools you can get a lot of data.

How to track a migration

The process of migrating a website does not end the moment we have published the new site. On the contrary. At this point, a race against the clock begins to ensure that everything is in place. Are you ready?

How to set up Google Search Console in my online store

There are many tools that can help us to have control over the optimal functioning of our online store, as it requires constant maintenance in many dimensions. For example, to avoid attacks, to control the speed of the site, to moderate the comments of our users, to control page errors…

Yandex SEO tools to position your website on the Russian market

Yandex is the leading search engine on the Russian-speaking web, popularly known as Runet. Approximately 60% of Russian Internet users use Yandex, compared to 30% who prefer Google. It also enjoys significant popularity among some of the countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and even Turkey. Yandex was founded in […]

Competitor SEO analysis with SISTRIX

The study of competition in SEO is one of the main branches of analysis to establish or give continuity to a positioning strategy. It is the extension of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Opportunities) from traditional marketing to online marketing, and often serves as a brainstorming tool and to be aware of our […]

How to use SEMRush API

We continue reviewing the APIs of SEO tools, after seeing how to use the Sistrix API, it is the turn to test the use of the SEMRush API from Google Spreadsheet. As we mentioned in the previous article, the idea is to make use of these SEO tools from Google Spreadsheet, so that we can […]

How to create a Google Analytics dashboard for your online store

If you own or manage an online store, you’ve probably spontaneously developed a morning routine of analyzing Google Analytics KPIs (key performance indicators) while holding a steaming cup of coffee in your other hand. Well, there is a fantastic way to have all this data in a single Google Analytics screen, with all the advantages […]