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SEO Tools

How to use the Sistrix API

Although Sistrix offers a good web interface with customized reports and dashboards with which to quickly analyze the behavior of a domain, sometimes we need to go further and display this data from other platforms to process or buy it with other data. The objective of this small tutorial is to take advantage of the […]

E-commerce analysis possibilities with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can monitor the sales made in our e-commerce using its e-commerce functionality. This option is in the Conversions section of the platform. Before analyzing its possibilities, we should not understand it as a tool to make an exhaustive follow-up of the sales of our e-commerce. To know how much we sell or invoice, […]

Keyword consulting tools

Every search engine positioning strategy begins with the definition and choice of keywords. These represent the concepts with which we want our customers to identify us and the terms with which we want Google to classify us. Therefore, it is of vital importance that we choose them very carefully: a wrong choice would make us […]

Use of regular expressions in Google Analytics

Non-technical people may not be familiar with the use of regular expressions. For those who are not familiar with them, regular expressions are sequences of characters that form search patterns. These search patterns are useful in many sections of Google Analytics as they allow us to have a given functionality run in a large number […]

Customization of reports in Google Analytics

Just as important as obtaining all the relevant data for the correct evaluation of the KPIs of our business is to be able to visualize them quickly. Having a customized dashboard to review your site’s traffic data has the following advantages: Group the most relevant data. Saves time when reviewing performance. It unifies the way […]

Improve your WordPress SEO with a cache plugin

It is well known that the response time of the server is a determining factor for the positioning of a website in search engines as I have discussed in previous articles. In this article, I am going to analyze the factors of page load speed that affect SEO and how to improve these factors in […]

Google’s Disavow tool: when and how to use it

Google Disavow Tool: a consequence of Google Penguin Google announced the implementation of its algorithm update called Penguin at the end of April 2012. This update focused, according to the search engine, on detecting websites that were violating Google’s quality guidelines for webmasters. Two fundamental aspects were targeted by Google Penguin: over-optimized websites (keyword density […]

Not provided: towards SEO without keywords?

The beginning of the end of keywords On October 18, 2011, Google announced through its Google Analytics blog as well as its Official Google Blog that the use of the search engine for users logged into Google would, from then on, be done in a secure server (SSL) environment. In practice, for users, this meant […]

Google Tag Manager: advantages and implementation example

Businesses are constantly evolving and this is reflected in their websites: targets change, services offered change, existing products are optimized, etc. This means that the analysis needs are different from those foreseen in the initial implementation and that the implementation of tools such as Google Analytics has to be changed from time to time. The […]

How to measure clicks on social buttons

Social networks are already part of our lives. Most people log on to these at least once a day to check for updates and information shared by friends, companies or people specializing in a particular topic. To make it easier for people to share (or “Like”, “Tweet”, +1, etc.) content published on websites, social networks […]

Competition study with SEMrush

SEMRush is a very useful tool for both SEM and SEO because of all the functionalities it offers. For this article we are going to focus on how SEMRush can help us to perform a competition study. How do we start?

Measuring our website objectives

The analytics of our website must be correctly configured to be a tool to evaluate the performance of our online promotion actions and to be able to make decisions to improve them. For this to be possible, we must have the objectives configured in our analytics tools. The objectives of our website must be aligned […]

What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

Search engine optimization is essential nowadays to attract traffic to your website. Optimizing titles, metas and other fields that search engine robots read when crawling pages can go a long way to improving the position your web page appears in search results. This process of text optimization is made easier on platforms such as WordPress […]

Web event tracking with Analytics

Events are user interactions with our website. Almost any event that we can capture on our website using JavaScript will be able to execute an Analytics event. Event tracking can be performed independently of the loading of each web page of our site. Therefore, event tracking will not affect the number of page views. Although […]