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User demographics and interest reporting in Analytics

Google Analytics has expanded its Public section functionalities with two new sections: demographic data and user interests. Demographic data provides us with information about the age and gender of users who visit our site. The interests section , on the other hand, offers us data such as affinity categories by which users who visit our […]

Cohort Analysis with Google Analytics

Cohort analysis is a technique widely used in medicine in which, starting from a sample of healthy patients, a study is made of the behavior of a disease depending on the exposure to certain risk factors within a period of time. Applying this to web analytics, we obtain a way to know if a group […]

Visits, sessions… changes in the way Google Analytics measures

Last Friday, August 12, Google officially announced a change in the way browsing sessions are recorded in Google Analytics. Changes in the way visits and sessions are measured Until that day, a user’s browsing session ended when the user spent more than 30 minutes in an idle state, that is, without interacting with the Web […]