Ramiro Prats

Ramiro Prats

Project Manager

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Since 2004 as Sales and Marketing Director.
Since 2008 as Head of Strategy and International Business Development.
Since 2020 as Project Manager&Business Analyst.

Business Projects and Development Manager.
Digital Marketing and Sales Strategies
Digital transformation and data analysis.

Master’s Degree in Sales and Marketing Management.
Diploma in Business Sciences.
Master’s Degree in Agri-Food Business Management.
Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching.

Agile Business.
Power BI & SQL.
Inbound, digital sales and content marketing.
Business English language C1 Advance.
Internationalization Strategy.
Management Update Program.
Executive Coach for multidisciplinary teams.


Professionally, I started my career in the heart of the industrial sector in the province of Alicante, specifically in Foia de Castalla, working with the family business dedicated to the toy and food sector. During this period, I carried out work in commercial and technological areas, using systems such as ERP, CRM and BPM in professional offices while at the same time completing my studies in Business Sciences at the University of Alicante.

Once I finished my university studies, I continued my professional career as a sales advisor in the financial company Ruralcaja (now the Grupo Cajamar). I also decided to continue my training in the Fundesem Business School where I took a Master’s course in Sales and Marketing Management, specializing in relational and digital marketing strategies.

The financial challenge of 2008 presented itself as the opportunity to create my own marketing agency, Differentiate Marketing, S.L., where I put into practice all the knowledge I had acquired in strategy and business development. During this stage, I shared my knowledge in sales strategies and digital marketing by training other entrepreneurs and business people to improve their business plans and strategic business units in various institutions, universities and business schools.
This experience helped me improve my command of business English in England, which I considered my second home thanks to the international boost it gave to my career.

After living some years outside of Spain I had the opportunity to return to collaborate with a group of companies in the industrial sector. Coordinating and managing strategic international marketing and Business Intelligence projects. I established connections with the sector dealing with technical solutions in global environments, collaborating with companies such as Wolters Kluwer and Microsoft.

In recent years I’ve continued to develop professionally as a Corporate Marketing Director, creating and shaping the marketing area for the service provision of a family holding company in the industrial sector. In addition, I worked as Interim Project Manager in FoodTech and digitalisation projects with technology consultancies, financial and public entities.

My inclusion in the Human Level team as a Project Manager has encompasses both the challenge and the aim of improving project coordination and business development working closely with my mentor in digital marketing strategies, Fernando Macia, with whom I’ve collaborated on various projects during my professional career.

On a personal level

I am an enquiring person with a great appetite for knowledge, always seeking to learn and enjoy new experiences. I get particular pleasure from discovering new cultures and learning from them. I am active and love sport, getting a sense of well being from nature and physical exercise. Travel is one of my major passions, as it allows me to explore new places and connect with people of different cultures. My interest in the history, culture and inhabitants of the countries I visit is a constant factor on my journeys.

Sports, in particular running. tennis and mountain walks, are for me escape routes which clear the mind and recharge the body. Also I enjoy sharing enoculture with my life companion, exploring wine cellars and vineyards to learn about wine production and savouring different tastings. Experiences which draw me closer to the culture and gastronomy of different wine regions of Spain and Europe.

I am very much in favour of to continuous learning, ever interested in new technologies, methodologies and languages. I firmly believe that learning is essential for continual personal and professional growth. A trip to Asia changed my perspective on how to do business, teaching me the importance of innovation, collaboration and adapting to change in the world of business.

Additionally, I set myself personal goals. such as taking part in at least 2 races a year (10-15 kms) and climbing the Bernia and Maigmo (two mountains in the Valencian Community) at least once a year. At the moment, I’m involved in learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI) as applied to the foodtech service and business intelligence. I’m convinced that this technology has the potential to revolutionize all sectors, and especially where food is concerned.

Apart from my mother language, Spanish, I speak fluent English, recognizing the latter’s importance in both the business and cultural worlds. I also enjoy reading, listening to music and cooking. Reading is a form of both relaxing and learning, while house music accompanies these moments of pleasure and connection in my working environment. Cooking, finally, is a form of enjoying gastronomy and sharing moments with family and friends.