SEO Dictionary

SEO Dictionary

Search engine optimization or SEO is perhaps one of the digital marketing strategies that has given rise to new uses for old words such as search, results or long tail.

An SEO professional must be familiar with terms and expressions such as algorithm, not provided, redirect, anchor text and many others.

Search engine optimization continues to be a digital marketing strategy with great growth potential, since it is part of the so-called inbound marketing and generates quality traffic at a low cost per acquisition.


What is a snippet? When we talk about a snippet we refer to the text fragment that briefly describes the content of the page in the SERP of the search engines, that is to say, in the search engine results pages. It is therefore that description that summarizes the content of the accompanying link and […]

Tag cloud

What is a tag cloud? When we talk about tag clouds, we refer to the visual representation of a group or family of tags, grouped in an abstract set that resembles the shape of a cloud and that have a common context or link. It is a resource widely used in Online Marketing and SEO, […]


The concept “taxonomy”, etymologically speaking, comes from the Greek terms “cabs”, arrangement, and “nomos”, norm. In biology, the term taxonomy is used to refer to the classification of living things into hierarchically organized groupings ranging from the more generic, such as kingdom or class, to the more specific, such as genus and species. This classification […]

Technical SEO

The main objective of technical SEO work is to optimize the technical areas related to the SEO of a website. Find out what technical SEO analyzes and the most commonly used tools.

Topical Authority

Thematic authority is an indicator of the relevance and trust acquired by a website. Find out the details in our Digital Marketing Dictionary.

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We review the concept of visibility applied to online marketing: its importance, how to know its current state, how to improve it, etc.

Web visibility concept represented by a woman's eye

Web Performance Optimization (WPO)

Web Performance Optimization is, as its name suggests, the marketing discipline that analyzes a website to recommend changes that help optimize its loading speed. The term WPO became widely known as a result of a Google announcement, which stated that the loading speed of a website was one of the factors that the search engine […]

What is a meta description and how does it influence organic traffic?

The meta description is a meta tag whose content serves as the primary reference for the description that search engines display under the title in the snippet of their search results: The meta description must be included between the tags <head> and </head> of the page and its length must not exceed 150 characters, spaces […]


Yandex is a Russian search engine owned by the eponymous company founded in 1997 by Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich. It is the most used search engine in Russia and some of the countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, while it is also one of the most visited sites in this country, with more […]