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When we talk about visibility from a digital marketing point of view, we are talking about the ability of a brand, company, professional or institution to be seen and known by as many users as possible, particularly those who are part of its target audience. The concept of visibility, in relation to search engine positioning, can be related to the concept of “findability“. “Being visible” is linked to a large number of factors such as reputation, image, logo, seniority or values among many others, that can influence our visibility to a greater or lesser extent, negatively or positively.

Visibility: the ability of a brand, business or other entity to be found, seen and known by as many users as possible, particularly those who are part of its target audience.

The concept of visibility in online marketing is not only based on having a presence on the Internet, i.e. having a functioning website or registered profiles on social networks. In this sense, visibility goes much further and requires constant effort. The objective of any marketing strategy focused on online visibility is to increase users’ awareness of the existence of a brand or business. Yes, but how?

  • Getting to appear among the top positions of search engines, such as Google, for relevant terms and high search potential, which in turn will generate a greater number of visits and qualified traffic to the website, and finally, conversions, loyalty or influence.
  • Being referenced in other high authority websites that share your subject area.
  • Achieving a higher number of subscribers on social media profiles, who actively engage with the brand, or share your content with their contacts.
  • Maintaining an impeccable online and offline reputation.

All these aspects can be worked on through various methods, such as the continuous generation of quality content, SEO optimization of the website, paid advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook Ads, engagement in social networks, e-mail marketing, sponsorships, etc.

How is online visibility measured?

Obviously, it is not possible to know the extent of our visibility on the Internet and its progress without measuring it. This is something we are always interested in being aware of, to know if the marketing strategy is working, or if other measures need to be taken to give it a boost and strengthen it.

There are tools that offer this information and that allow us to see its evolution, based on their own scales that take into account several indicators, such as Sistrix:

Visibility Index on Sistrix

Or tools that indicate our visibility status in Google’s SERP pages, such as SEMRush, which shows us the number of keywords for which we are ranking, among many other interesting data:

Visibility in SEMRush

Although we should always interpret this data “with a grain of salt” and not get obsessed with specific figures, this type of tool can provide us with very valuable information, both to see our progress and to detect possible anomalies and correct them before they can harm our brand or business.

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