Fernando Maciá

10 SEO trends for 2020

At Human Level we have got our crystal ball out. And even though we know we might end up being wrong with many of our predictions regarding what will happen in SEO in the following months, here’s our take. These are the Top 10 trends that could set the path for search engine optimization in 2020.

International SEO: what problem is there with the home page?

Search Engine Optimization of multilingual and multiregional websites always implies multiple challenges and trials for any SEO expert. This is due to the astounding variety of situations that can arise, for which it is hard to figure out specific and verified solutions. In this post we are going to see which ones we can use and their advantages and disadvantages.

“International SEO in Complex Scenarios” presentation at The Inbounder 2017

Trying to position the different international versions of a website can prove daunting when you target complex combinations of contents, currencies, countries and languages. Sometimes there are just no “obvious” options, and different aspects must be considered to make the right decisions to compete at the international arena. In this presentation for The Inbounder 2017, […]