Fernando Maciá

Fernando Maciá
Founder and CEO of Human Level. Expert SEO consultant with more than 20 years of experience. He has been a professor at numerous universities and business schools, and director of the Master in Professional SEO and SEM and the Advanced SEO Course at KSchool. Author of a dozen books on SEO and digital marketing.
Fernando Maciá

How to sell on Amazon and succeed

Jorge Pascual explained the steps to follow if we want to sell on Amazon and get our potential customers to buy from us in his presentation for the 100th edition of Clinic Summit. In this post we have collected the main ideas of his talk.

How to deal with SEO based on search intentions

Iñaki Huerta tells us how search intent is increasingly valued by Google to be able to offer us solutions to our problems in its results. Read this post if you want to find out how to work the search intent and start thinking like a user.

Digital marketing is not marketing

Fernando de la Rosa, the first speaker at the 100th Clinic Summit, believes that what we say is digital marketing is not marketing. We need to rethink digital marketing, says Fernando, find out what his proposals are in this post.

More traffic and customers for your online store

When a retailer opens a new store, he assumes that it is not enough to have decorated it well and stocked it with products. From the first day, you should strive to attract the attention of your potential customers with a good showcase, perhaps doing a mailing in nearby neighborhoods, radio spots… In the online […]

What are the big trends expected for 2017 in e-commerce?

The year 2016 is coming to an end, leaving behind twelve months marked by relevant political, economic and social changes at a global level. E-commerce has also undergone intense changes, but possibly not as many as some expected. A number of e-commerce trends were predicted to land and consolidate, but only a few of them have been firmly realized….

Features of the Christmas campaign in the online arena

After having left behind the Black Friday campaign, we are already at the gates of the Christmas shopping vortex. A good part of them will take place through the online channel, so at Human Level we have proposed a compilation of the features that are expected to characterize the 2016 Christmas campaign in relation to the online channel.

Structured data – questions and answers with Google

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate with Anton Shulke, Cristian Sepúlveda, Gianluca Fiorelli and Aleyda Solís in a question and answer session to which Juan Felipe Rincón, from Google, kindly submitted himself. This was the first live Q&A Hangout in Spanish, organized by WebPromo.expert, at the initiative of Cristian Sepúlveda, from Rank Tools. The […]

Mobile search: how it affects SEO

Around 60% of all searches are performed from mobile devices and more than 85% of the results are already from mobile-friendly websites (i.e, mobile-friendly). Google has therefore decided to build a specific index of mobile results and to take a step that could have a major impact: adopting this index as the primary repository of […]

Quality content: what Google wants to find in your online store

Content is king, but only quality content. There has been a lot of discussion over the last few years about what characteristics a content must fulfill to be valued as relevant by search engines and to achieve a good positioning. Although supported by experience and various experiments, these features are still just guesses: no one […]

Customer Journey Analysis and Search Scenarios (I/II)

This is the Spanish transcript of my presentation in English at The Inbounder event held in Valencia on May 19, 2016. You can view the Customer Journey Analysis and Search Scenarios presentation in Spanish or Customer Journey Analysis and Search Scenarios in English which was originally presented. Users prefer to shop in an environment where […]

Customer journey analysis and search scenarios

Customer journey analysis and search scenarios by Fernando Maciá Domene This is the Spanish presentation of the paper I gave at The Inbounder Valencia 2016, on the analysis of the customer buying process and the different search scenarios that users can follow from the moment they first become aware of a need until they finally […]