Fernando Maciá

Fernando Maciá
Founder and CEO of Human Level. Expert SEO consultant with more than 20 years of experience. He has been a professor at numerous universities and business schools, and director of the Master in Professional SEO and SEM and the Advanced SEO Course at KSchool. Author of a dozen books on SEO and digital marketing.
Fernando Maciá

Financing tools for the self-employed

Becoming self-employed, either as a freelancer or through the creation of a company, entails many difficulties that we must be prepared to tackle with determination if we want to succeed as entrepreneurs. One of the biggest headaches many entrepreneurs face is the issue of financing…

Essential reading for every entrepreneur in the online world

If you are considering starting a business, or you are already a budding entrepreneur, we must recommend that you take some of your time to read as much as you can and prepare yourself properly, because you will soon realize that no knowledge is superfluous in the adventure of entrepreneurship.

How to set up Google AdWords in your online store

Although it is becoming easier and easier to start an online store, there is no point in doing all the work and investment it requires if no one visits or buys from it. One of the basic pillars of any eCommerce is, without a doubt, the visits. We must not fool ourselves, getting visitors who are interested in the products we are going to sell is not easy.

How to define the target audience of my online store?

An accurate definition of the target audience is a fundamental component of any business that aspires to be successful. Every more or less experienced entrepreneur should know that the more time and effort is dedicated to the study of their target audience, the better conversion results we will obtain for our business, since the needs and requirements of our customers fluctuate according to time and other factors that are beyond our control.

Set up Google Analytics in your online store

As in traditional commerce, the owner of an online store must ensure that everything is going as it should: control what products are sold more, when, where users come from, if they are new recurrent, how long it takes to buy after the first visit … With web analytics tools you can get a lot of data.

How to set up Google Search Console in my online store

There are many tools that can help us to have control over the optimal functioning of our online store, as it requires constant maintenance in many dimensions. For example, to avoid attacks, to control the speed of the site, to moderate the comments of our users, to control page errors…

Real estate websites for a recovering housing market

The real estate sector could be starting to recover. In recent months, various statistics and media reports have pointed to a market recovery: El País: The sale and purchase of homes increased by 15.5% during February 2015. Idealista: Home sales recorded the highest year-on-year increase in more than a year in June 2015. El Economista: […]

Logistics in e-commerce

Anyone who wants to explore the world of e-commerce will have to stop and think about certain important issues, such as logistics organization and management.

The importance of having a blog in your online store

Many people are unaware of the advantages of having a blog in their online store. The truth is that having an e-commerce and not having a blog is a combination that today you should not even consider. If you’ve just dipped into the online world or you are one of those who, despite having been moving around for a while, had not yet stopped to think about the benefits that a blog would bring to your business, we are honored to let you know that you’ve come to the right place.

Aspects to take into account before starting a new project

The path of entrepreneurship is a complex task in which many factors come into play, some of them depend on us, such as perseverance, effort and work; and many others we cannot control: the economic crisis, market demand… Undoubtedly, a concept that only the bravest end up conquering.

What is F-Commerce?

Some time ago a new feature was announced, one of the most talked-about of the great social giant: the possibility of integrating an online store within Facebook pages. The union between Social Commerce and E-commerce resulted in a new business model in the market, F-commerce.

Advantages of having an online store

Nowadays, the creation of an e-commerce is an uncomplicated and time-consuming process, but it can be done by almost anyone. In this post we will see the advantages that an online store can have for your business or entrepreneurship project.