How to improve Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals are the new WPO metrics that Google will start to take into account from May 2021 as a web positioning factor. Find out how to optimize them here.

How to increase CTR with quality snippets

The CTR or Click Through Rate in SEO is the percentage of clicks with respect to the impressions of a search engine result. This concept is directly related to the effectiveness of a campaign and is a clear indicator of the interest shown by users in a campaign, as well as …

How to improve the indexing of a website on Google

For a website to appear in the search results of a Google user, the prerequisite is that the pages of that site are included in the search engine’s index. Explained in a very general way, the process by which Google is able to display results after a query, is divided into three main phases:

Quality content: what Google wants to find in your online store

Content is king, but only quality content. There has been a lot of discussion over the last few years about what characteristics a content must fulfill to be valued as relevant by search engines and to achieve a good positioning. Although supported by experience and various experiments, these features are still just guesses: no one […]

What is AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source initiative promoted by Google together with a large number of media worldwide and other technology partners. Aware that traffic from mobile devices has long been higher than from desktop computers and that sometimes browsing from mobile devices can be frustrating for the user because the sites are […]