Optimization of the product pages of an online store

The optimization of product sheets is a very important issue that we must study carefully. When we talk about optimization, we refer to the fact of preparing something, thoroughly, with the objective of achieving a certain optimal situation that offers the expected results and performance. Product page optimization should no longer be done with the user in mind, but also with the search engine in mind. A properly optimized product page will have a better chance of appearing in search results than one that is not. Why is that? Because Google always looks for those results that are most relevant to users in relation to the search they have performed. The optimization of the product cards can attract a large amount of traffic to your online store that will end up buying and, therefore, it is not advisable to neglect this aspect.

The optimization of the product cards is a key point to take into account as it allows us to achieve optimal results and performance in our online store.

What are product sheets?

Product sheets are landing pages that can be found in online stores. They are used to provide information to the user about a specific item. Normally this type of page consists of a title, an image of the product and a descriptive text. These three elements are essential for a page with these characteristics, but they are not the only ones to be taken into account when optimizing them.

Elements to be included in product sheets


The title of the product cards is one of the most important texts on the page, as it is the first thing the user will see. This text must include the name of the item and be tagged as H1. What we get with all this is that search engines understand what aspects of our page are the most relevant. As a general rule, in the product sheets, the element that we will highlight and on which we will place special emphasis will be the name of the product.

In some cases we will have to add the category or subcategory of the product. For example, if we sell a TV called Samsung 334 LED, the correct title would be Samsung 334 LED TV. The concept “TV” would reflect the main category and “LED” the subcategory.

A correct formula for the construction of the title of the product sheets would be the inclusion of the brand, the category and the product name.

Descriptive text

add descriptive text to product sheetsThe descriptive text must be salesy and incite to purchase. In addition, it goes without saying how important it is for the text to be self-created, that is to say, unique, original and of high quality. It is important to highlight the most important parts of the text using bold type (but not too much!).

We can use this text to include the keyword. Don’t forget that the number of times you include the keyword will depend on the length of your text.

Hierarchy titles

Use the page headers to order the content, the user will thank you for it. In addition, these tags will help you in the positioning of the page, since we can take advantage of this part of the text to include the keyword, as long as it looks natural.

Images and videos

Images should be of high quality, sharp and attractive. Remember,“a picture is worth a thousand words“. An eye-catching photograph is one of the best incentives for an online store. These will give your store a neat appearance, which will translate into confidence for everyone who enters it.

You can also make use of videos. What could be better than showing users your product live?

For SEO and search engine optimization, the Alt attribute is the key field. Images must contain an optimized alternative text. To do this you must include a descriptive text of the image and insert, as far as possible, the keyword.

Title and description

The title and description are two persuasive elements that play a significant role in the user’s search process. If the user is looking for a specific article in Google, he will enter the term in the search engine and, instantly, a large number of results related to the search he has made will appear. It is at this point that the title and description come into play.

The keyword must be included in both the title and the description. Although the latter will not help us to position ourselves, it is a text that serves to persuade and get that click from the user. It is important that we insert the keyword in the description because this way it will be highlighted in bold, as long as it matches the search made by the user.

optimization of titles and descriptions

Competitive advantages

It is likely that before arriving at your product page, the user has been visiting other stores offering the same product. The only thing he is looking for, with this behavior, is to find the offer that brings him the most benefits. Let’s think of ourselves as a customer who is looking for a specific model and brand of sneakers. The first thing to do is to go to Google and start comparing prices. During this search process, we ended up finding a product sheet of the shoes we were looking for, in which we are informed that shipping is completely free. Needless to say which store we would end up buying the sneakers from. In the end, the most important thing is to seek differentiation. How do we achieve this? Making use of the competitive advantages of our business. Do you have free shipping? Add it! Do you have 24h delivery? Put it too! These sales arguments are crucial for the user to choose one product or another.

Product price

add discounts on product sheetsIn the product sheet, this is an element that we must highlight well and try to make it perfectly visible within the page. Remember that it is one of the first things the user will look for when accessing the page.

If we have discounts or promotions of the product, it is convenient to mark it and emphasize it in such a way that it is perceptible to the user. Undoubtedly, this is a crucial aspect in the decision process and purchase of the article.

Button to add the product to the cart

Another thing we should not neglect is the appearance of the buy button. It must be eye-catching. We can play with typography and the use of certain colors. This button must also be placed in a strategic place on the page and be perfectly visible.

Other options that usually work quite well include having the button change color or become larger when the user places the mouse over it.


If the size or color of the product the user is looking for is not available at the time of their search, we will inform the user by means of an informative message. A good way to avoid losing that conversion is to ask the user for a contact email that we will use to let them know when the item is available again.

Law of scarcity

When we know that something is going to be sold out, our need to get that product grows, so it is interesting to include phrases such as “Only three left!” or “This product will be sold out in our store in the next few hours”.

Related products

An optimal product sheet is one that includes related products, but why is this so important? Simply for one reason. If the user accesses the page and is not convinced by the item, an incentive for him to stay on our page and purchase another product is to show him a section of related items. It is a way of telling the user “if this is not what you are looking for, we offer other items that might interest you”.

Similar products

The insertion of a section with similar products can help us to increase the value of the purchase. If the user who wants to buy a camera is shown a selection of memory cards, he may end up buying both items.

Customer comments and ratings

The comments of other customers who have already used the product serve to generate confidence in new users who are thinking of purchasing it. Therefore, their insertion must be considered as a fundamental aspect to be taken into account in our product files.

Questions from users

add a question section to the product sheetsAdding a questions section in the product sheets will help users to clear up any doubts they may have about a particular item. Think that many users may ask similar questions, this way you will speed up the process and you will be able to unify and clarify all the questions on the same page.

You are also:

  • By making the page produce content constantly so that you force google to swipe frequently.
  • Enriching the content of the page that is likely to include the product keyword

Keyword density

At the SEO level, it is essential that we do not forget to include the keyword throughout the entire product page. We must achieve a correct keyword density without over-optimizing the content. It is recommended that we include the keyword in the title, headings and images.

We also recommend the use of synonyms. If you are selling sneakers and that is your keyword, you can include synonyms such as “sneakers” or “sport shoes”.

Share buttons on social networks

Although including share buttons on social networks has fallen into disuse lately, making use of this practice will allow you to reach a larger number of users, reaching to people who may be interested in your product. product sheet containing social media sharing buttons

Web Performance Optimization (WPO)

Page load time is an indispensable factor for search engine optimization. But loading speed not only affects web positioning, it also influences usability. Having a page with an optimal loading speed will help you to position your page. in search engines, as they will be able to access and crawl it more easily than those with a long loading time.

As mentioned above, optimizing page speed can also generate positive feedback in terms of usability, as the user experience will be improved. Today we face an enormously saturated market with millions of impatient users who have no time to wait. If we add to this a slow page load, the result ends up being disastrous, because the user will most likely end up abandoning your site to go to your competitor’s site, which, with a lot of luck, will have an optimal load time.

When it comes to optimizing loading time, we must take into account all devices, as the use of the latest generation of phones to access web content has been increasing in recent years. To analyze this aspect we can use the free tool PageSpeed, from where you can analyze your page, whether it is accessed through a mobile device as if it is done through a desktop computer. It is a very useful tool that also offers recommendations to improve the loading time.

Amazon load time analysis

Common mistakes not to be made in product sheets

  • High charging time.
  • Name of the product that does not contemplate brand or category of the product.
  • Absence of images or scarce and poor quality images.
  • Texts copied from other websites or provided by the manufacturer.
  • Absence of descriptive text.
  • Title and description not optimized.
  • Incorrect keyword density.
  • Unintuitive design.

Undoubtedly, the creation of a product page is an issue that deserves to be treated with special attention, since these are the pages of the site that will generate conversions in our business. The design and styles used to create them may vary from one online store to another, but what should not change is the way they are optimized. Not taking into account all the aspects discussed throughout the article can cause us to lose many conversions.

It is essential to spend time in the generation and optimization of this type of pages, since it is the gateway to your online store for users but also for Google. If search engines consider your page relevant, they will show it in the first search results, so you will have a better chance of receiving a click that will probably end up converting into a purchase. What are you waiting for to get started?

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