How to optimize product pages on mobile devices to sell more

Optimizing product cards on mobile to improve the user’s shopping experience in your eCommerce requires paying attention to a series of crucial points that will make the difference between success or failure. In this article, we follow Google’s guidelines to propose a list of improvements that will undoubtedly help you to improve your product pages.

AMP for eCommerce, all the keys

If you have an eCommerce and you are concerned about your SEO, you should be aware of the growing importance of the AMP concept and its implications for online stores. It is not enough for your e-commerce design to adapt to mobiles or tablets, it must also offer a much faster loading time for the mobile version compared to the desktop version. Find out here what are the keys to AMP for eCommerce.

What is Social Commerce?

In our series of articles on social networks and online marketing, we are going to talk about Social Commerce. According to the VII Study of Social Networks 2017, 53% of the surveyed sample claims to use social networks to search for products or services before making a purchase and 39% express their opinions about them in some social network. Do you want to know more about this phenomenon?

More traffic and customers for your online store

When a retailer opens a new store, he assumes that it is not enough to have decorated it well and stocked it with products. From the first day, you should strive to attract the attention of your potential customers with a good showcase, perhaps doing a mailing in nearby neighborhoods, radio spots… In the online […]

What are the big trends expected for 2017 in e-commerce?

The year 2016 is coming to an end, leaving behind twelve months marked by relevant political, economic and social changes at a global level. E-commerce has also undergone intense changes, but possibly not as many as some expected. A number of e-commerce trends were predicted to land and consolidate, but only a few of them have been firmly realized….

Features of the Christmas campaign in the online arena

After having left behind the Black Friday campaign, we are already at the gates of the Christmas shopping vortex. A good part of them will take place through the online channel, so at Human Level we have proposed a compilation of the features that are expected to characterize the 2016 Christmas campaign in relation to the online channel.

Optimization of the product pages of an online store

The optimization of product sheets is a very important issue that we must study carefully. When we talk about optimization, we refer to the fact of preparing something, in detail, with the objective of achieving a certain optimal situation that offers the expected results and performance.

Quality content: what Google wants to find in your online store

Content is king, but only quality content. There has been a lot of discussion over the last few years about what characteristics a content must fulfill to be valued as relevant by search engines and to achieve a good positioning. Although supported by experience and various experiments, these features are still just guesses: no one […]

How Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can help your online store

When developing the architecture of our online store and nurturing it with content, we take special care to distribute our product families well, link the most profitable or most popular ones, clearly stipulate the terms of sale or choose a visible site and a convincing text that explains who we are. However, we tend to […]

European Parliament makes it mandatory to link to ODR from any online store

As of February 15, 2016 European online stores and market-places operating in the EU will be required to include a link on their websites to the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform (Online Dispute Resolution – ODR) according to the Article 14 of Regulation No. 524/2013. The objective is to streamline the processing, arbitration, mediation […]

Fernando Maciá talks about e-commerce for Decharlas.com

Fernando Maciá was invited to Decharlas.com to talk about SEO in e-commerce. In the presentation, included in the following video, Fernando Maciá will review everything you need to improve the organic visibility of your website, from the definition of your target audience to their search patterns or the generation of appropriate content. Don’t miss it!