Presentation on SEO for E-Commerce by Raúl Carrión

SEO for E-Commerce is the presentation that Raul Carrion exposed for his presentation at the event “Monta tu tienda online” organized by the Local Development Agency (ADL) and the Department of Commerce of the City of Castalla. SEO for E-Commerce – Raul Carrión from Human Level Communications Version 1.0 07/23/2013 Online Positioning of Internet Retailers […]

How to sell on the Internet

If you have an entrepreneurial soul and you like new technologies, it is very likely that at some point the idea of setting up an online store has crossed your mind. This idea is usually diluted when we check all the aspects that we must control for our online business to be successful, but the […]

Web 2.0 and e-commerce: the new competitive advantage

The e-shop model, understood as a virtual storefront or online self-service, is clearly outdated. Today, Internet users demand transparency, usability and participation. The Web 2.0 model is an emerging phenomenon that places this type of user at the center of any business model, providing the greatest added value, integrating content and functionalities in a usable […]