How to position your online store yourself

In an online store, much of the success is linked to its visibility on the Internet, i.e. its presence in search engines, social networks and mentions on relevant websites. Focusing on search engine visibility, we must differentiate between paid ads (Google AdWords) and natural search results -what we usually call “search engine optimization”-. In this […]

E-commerce analysis possibilities with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can monitor the sales made in our e-commerce using its e-commerce functionality. This option is in the Conversions section of the platform. Before analyzing its possibilities, we should not understand it as a tool to make an exhaustive follow-up of the sales of our e-commerce. To know how much we sell or invoice, […]

How to prevent shipping costs from reducing sales in your online store

When we analyze the conversion funnel of many e-commerce companies, it is common to find that a significant number of users abandon the purchase when they discover the additional cost of shipping costs associated with the order. That is why any improvement in this aspect will result in a direct increase in the conversion rate […]

From traditional to e-commerce

At Human Level I am fortunate to collaborate with clients of diverse industries, sizes and concerns. I learn every day from entrepreneurs who are excited about the 2.0 leap: from their physical store to infinity and beyond. The more cases I know, the more defined are the patterns that determine the success or failure of […]

Email marketing campaigns for e-commerce

E-commerce sales can be analyzed from the following equation: number of visits x conversion rate = sales With the following email marketing campaign we will improve these two variables to obtain a remarkable increase in sales. Improving conversion rate First, we will select a small number of products to promote. For this purpose, we have […]

Tips for blogging for your online store

In this article we are going to see how to choose what topic to write about in your online store blog. If with the article titled 7 reasons to have a blog in your online store I gave you the push you needed to set up a blog in your e-commerce, now I encourage you […]

What is the profile of an online store administrator?

When choosing the theme of an article, I try to take the opportunity to answer one of the most common questions asked by our clients. In this way I achieve two things: to organize my arguments as logically as possible and on the other hand to be able to send the link to the article […]

The new SEPA system in e-commerce

In 2008 the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) began to take shape with the introduction of the euro, which led to the creation of a single economic market throughout the European Union. In the field of retail payments the conditions were not the most adequate and therefore it was thought that establishing a Single Euro Payments Area would be positive.

7 Reasons to have a blog in your online store

An e-commerce project requires constant work to increase sales. When it comes to optimizing the platform, it is usual to start by optimizing the e-commerce web application for search engines: information architecture, SEO on page, etc., but… What else can we do when we think the store is perfect? A highly recommended option is to […]

Payment methods of an e-commerce

Part of the success of an e-commerce is due to the ease with which the customer can make the payment, the simpler it is, the more we will favor the impulse purchase. We will begin by defining the term online payment: It is a method that allows the transfer of money between users who wish […]

How to mark products in your online store with microdata

Microdata has become very popular today mainly because Google uses it to create rich snippets in its search results. These rich snippets increase the number of clicks due to their visual impact on Google results, leading to an increase in traffic. There is a long list of all the microdata defined by search engines that […]

Dropshipping for e-commerce

Dropshipping is an online business alternative for those entrepreneurs who want to get started in e-commerce with the minimum possible investment. In this article we will explain what it consists of and analyze its advantages and disadvantages. What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a type of sale where the retailer does not have its own stock. […]

How to take better photos for your online store

Product photography in an online store is one of the strongest sales arguments. If the product enters through the eyes, the chances of a successful sale are higher. In this article we will review the points to take into account so that the images of our online store help us to sell more. Objective of […]